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December 2000

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of December!

You couldn't find a place to park at the mall within 2 miles, and the stores
didn't have the latest "who-dad" you were searching for. And now it's time to
jingle your bells as you go dashing through the snow over to your in-laws house
while wearing a yarmulke to light their Menorah.
The Soap Box knows there are no
silent nights anymore.

Deck the halls with Buddy Holly! Fa La La La La Moooohooo Ha Ha Ha! The gates
to the
Celebrity Cemetery have opened. The Grip ~V~eeper delivers a monthly
tribute to recent celebrities gone to the great entertainment center in the sky.
This month you can join his Death Pool 2001 game and see how morbidly psychic
you are.

Ok, so I am not a great singer. But I am the featured writer this month. Check
Vital Social Issues and Stuff and you could win a prize.

No matter how you celebrate the holiday season, just remember to send me a gift.

Ho Ho Ho!

Mary Xmas
Editor In Chief

We apologize for the delay in publishing this month's issue. We have
moved our ever-growing staff to big beautiful offices on a new server. So,
please update your bookmark for this page.

Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:

What's your favorite pie to eat after a huge Thanksgiving meal?
37% of you love Pumpkin Pie!
33% Apple Pie
11% Cherry Pie
7% Lemon Creme
7% fall asleep before dessert
4% Mince Meat Pie
Don't forget to vote in this month's quizlet immediately below.

In this issue:

Seasonal: A Christmas bonus from Angel's Emeralds

Obits: Sign up for Death Pool 2001 at the Celebrity Cemetery

For Sale: What's For Sale on Ebay?

Advice: Can I take off my shoes? Ask The Yenta!

Trivia: Jibbles 'N' Bits Of Trivia tests your Literature Knowledge

Birthdays: We're throwing a Birthday Bash for our Sagittarius friends

For Rent: What's For Rent? Keanu Reeves in The Replacements

Kids: Learn all the cultural celebrations of December at the Kids Korner

Teens: Seth's Silver Sounds joins the latin craze!

Sports: The Sports Page re-counts three strikes and your out in BaseBall-ot

Food: krstl's karats feasts on holiday goodies

Editorial: Sex, drugs, and auctions are Vital Social Issues & Stuff

Travel: Globetrotting sees the USA off the beaten path

HOT web sites: The Beatles make a special appearance in Gem's Gems

Commentary: The Soap Box sells manners this holiday season

Things To Do: DThrillLady throws a TV party

Fashion: Get Out Of The Closet and shimmer this holiday season

Books: Read Mr. White's Confession on the Book Beat

Pets: The Whisker Watch stuffs your pet's stockings

It's cold.
What? You think there's more??
Ok, it's cold OUTSIDE.

The Salvation Army

In 1865, William Booth formed an evangelical group which preached to unchurched people living in appalling poverty within London's East End. Booth's ministry eventually became known worldwide as The Salvation Army.

To this day, the basic social services developed by Booth have remained a visible expression of the Army's strong religious principles. New programs that address contemporary needs have been established too. Among these are disaster relief services, day care centers, summer camps, holiday assistance, services for senior citizens, hospitals and medical facilities, shelters for battered wives and children, family and career counseling, vocational training, correctional services, and drug rehabilitation.

The Salvation Army depends on volunteers, monetary donations, and food contributions to help those in need. Please give from the heart this season where ever you see their famous red kettle. Or, you can donate online at

Happy Holidays from the staff at HOTP!

A Musclebunny: Travel Agent
Bunz: Travel Agent with better rates
CougarBoy: The People's Editor
DT Lady: Entertainment Editor
Fine Diner: Athletic Supporter
Finz: Literature Editor
Flying ~V~: Coroner
Gabby Doll: Fashion Police
Gem Dragyn: Graphics Editor
krstl ktn: Executive Chef
Jibbles: Games Editor
Mary Xmas: Editor In Chief
Mocha: President/CEO HOTP Enterprises
NoDumbBunny: NoDumbEditor
Seth Gecko: Music Editor
The Yenta: Yenta
Tarqness: Opinionated Yenta
Weber: Weather girl

Download of the Month

Search & Replace is a search-and-replace utility that enables you to replace or just look for text (single or multiple lines) in one file at a time or throughout an entire folder. It's fast, too! The interface is simple and clear: Just load the file or folder you want to search, and click Start. The program supports many file types, including .txt and .htm/.html files.

This utility enabled editing all the links on the AfterHours website in a matter of minutes. A must for any webmaster!