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December 2000


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Holiday Gems

USA Holidays is a holiday link site. Check out the Chanukah and Christmas sections. There are at least 100 links for Christmas - including sites for kids, holiday decorations and crafts, pictures and desktop themes, recipes, stories, songs, cards and more. Most anything you need to find this holiday season.


Arts, Literature, Pop Culture, Media Gems

A lover of literature could get carried away perusing the virtual shelves of Short Stories, an elegant presentation of tales from an assortment of authors. New authors are blended seamlessly amid the likes of Joseph Conrad, Rudyard Kipling, Mark Twain, and Edith Wharton. The stories, which are free of charge, are sorted by genre: fiction, nonfiction, children, humor, romance, science fiction, and so on. Short Stories represents the ever-evolving canon of Western literature from established classics to fresh new voices.

The Official Beatles Site is dedicated to the 27 Beatles singles that hit the top of the US or UK charts. This interactive site makes high multi-media demands on visitors, but ShockWave 8, Flash 5 and QuickTime 4 are downloadable from the site and enhance the experience. Click on any song to enjoy a "feast of rare archival material" related to the tune: album notes, photos, record labels and recording logs, plus dates and locations of live performances and recording sessions. And to stay current with the gone but never forgotten band, you can register for e-mail updates telling you when fresh material is added.

Jumping the Shark is that defining moment when you know that your favorite TV show has reached its peak and is headed for history: like when Max and Agent 99 said "I do" on Get Smart. Vote for the shark-moment on top shows like The Simpsons and the X-Files (no consensus yet on whether or not the shark has been jumped on these two.)


Sports Gems

The all new XFL has just announced that its color analyst will be none other than Minnesota Gov. Jesse Ventura. For those of you in the dark on the XFL, it stands for Xtreme Football League, and it promises to be some of the toughest football you've ever seen. The season will kick off as soon as the NFL's ends, with 8 teams from around the U.S. duking it out to be crowned the very first XFL champions. Check out the XFL's site for a primer on what to expect - see the rosters, learn the rules and, most importantly, get to know your local cheerleaders.


$avings Gems

Links and links and links and links to all kinds of free stuff and bargains online from Take time to explore this site, and you might find some really good stuff for really good prices.


Computer and Internet Gems

Dot Cons reveals how new media is using old scams, from multilevel marketing to credit card fraud and bogus business opportunities. If you've been ripped-off by a dot con-artist, you can register a complaint here with the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection.

If you've ever gotten the dreaded "A required DLL file was not found" message, you will appreciate this site. DLL (Dynamic Link Library) is, in short, a file that does a particular job which other programs use to perform their functions. The DLL Archive offers a complete selection of DLL files and allows you to search for your lost DLL, alphabetically, and, if you don't find it, you can check the message board where users trade hard to find files.


congratulates the winner of our November drawing:

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She has won this cute little Onion cookbook.

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