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With the demise of Prodigy Classic, we thought it would be a good idea to
devise a sort of directory, so that everyone can find each other easily and keep
in touch. If you'd like to be listed, please drop us a line giving us the Nickname
you'd like to be listed as, your preferred E-mail address, and any other info
you'd like to share. No, we don't want to know what you had for breakfast, just
the AOL/AIM nickname you'd like people to have and/or your ICQ number. If
you'd rather keep that info to yourself, you can always use the directory to
personally contact anyone you'd like to share it with.

Since sometimes it's hard to differentiate between certain letters and numbers,
all e-mail addresses and AOL/AIM nicknames are listed in lower case letters.
AOL and AIM are not case sensitive so you can add names to your buddy lists
just as you see them here.




AOL/AIM Nickname

ICQ Number

  Alizarin alizarin4@aol.com alizarin4  
  AlxandriaWho ellen_weissblum@hotmail.com alxandriawho  
  Beefstew sandiemc49@aol.com beefstewii  
Beverlee lanshe2@comcast.net beverlee24 1056903
  Bitz colleensimrell@aol.com colleensimrell  
  BlueIceHon blueicehon@aol.com blueicehon 46098542
  BrothrFree brothrfree@aol.com brothrfree  
  BunBunz bunella@aol.com bunella  
Cammel mkmsales@netunlimited.net cammel40  
  Cheermom cheermom@prodigy.net cheermom222  
  Chinchilla chinchilla2@prodigy.net darodent  
  Cougarboy cougarboy85@aol.com cougarboy85  
  Cybermart gardenmart@aol.com gardenmart  
  Dakota itsdakota@aol.com itsdakota  
  Dawncoyote etoyocnwad@aol.com iamdawncoyote  
  Dialogist draine@earthlink.net    
  DrmgAngel quietangel56@yahoo.com drmgangei 1271287
  DTLady dtladie@aol.com dtladie 51232705
  Earthworm stevens2@prodigy.net wileeworm  
  Ec0astgal ec0astgal@aol.com ec0astgal  
  Elvis Lives elvisl1ves@aol.com elvisl1ves  
  FineDiner kelewis@prodigy.net thefinediner  
  Finzzzz finzzzz@aol.com finzzzz  
  Flying V raymorgan@prodigy.net flyingvvvv (4 "v")  
  Froggypeach froggypech@aol.com froggypech  
  GabbyDoll gabbydoll@hotmail.com gabbydoll 16995309
  GemDragyn kkrycia@enter.net gemdragyn 517917
  GinkgoBiloba ginkgoes@yahoo.com ginkgoes64 81749462
  Hammit hammlt@aol.com hammlt  
  Happyfunball dafunball@aol.com dafunball  
  Hellborne kelborne@hotmail.com hellylets  
  Iceprince iceprince@prodigy.net doctrfate  
  Jibbles jibbless@aol.com jibbless  
  JohnSpartan johnspartan@republican.com js at fsu 2977523
  Joolianna joolianna@yahoo.com joolianna 998535
  Jth jthhere@aol.com jthhere  
  KA8DSO ka8dso@aol.com ka8dso  
  KarenMF kfinklestein@hotmail.com karenmf  
  KKrazy kkrazy4@aol.com kkrazy4  
  krstlkitten cjsiu@tampabay.rr.com krstlktn 3266067
  Lancer jsclink@earthlink.net jsclink 28298133
  Lanshark billdenn@hotmail.com dalanshark 6455184
  LaRue laruelarue@aol.com laruelarue  
  Limites elaine1014@yahoo.com lim1014  
  MaeWestrly maewestrly@aol.com maewestrly  
  MardukX dgwill@yahoo.com themarduk  
  MaryXmas maryxmas@att.net maryxmas70  
  McPike pikeg1@aol.com pikeg1  
  MikeTheBear mikethebear@prodigy.net    
  Minxter oahu96818@yahoo.com minxmeatpie  
  MoeJeste moedonna@aol.com moedonna  
  Moni Girl shannieatl@aol.com shannieatl 26974204
Mousebabe lanshe2@comcast.net beverlee24 1056903
  Musclebunny bearinnapa@att.net    
  MzDeb mzdeb@prodigy.net mzdebora  
  NoDumbBunny nodumbbunny@aol.com nodumbbunny  
  OceanBabe kentuckydaisy@aol.com kentuckydaisy  
  PCBelle itspcbelle@aol.com itspcbelle  
  Petbmom enyamummer@aol.com enyamummer  
  Photocrazy photocrazy@aol.com photocrazy 1025774
  Phylicity phylicity1@aol.com phylicity1  
  PrettyBlueEyes mariewodnicki@yahoo.com    
  Procol rjg2002@home.com rjg2001  
  QT Toes lbirney@pacbell.net    
  RedHawk redhawk@prodigy.net sirredhawk  
  Rooooobie rooooobie@aol.com rooooobie  
  Rorshack hourman1@juno.com gordond3668 17580413
  SassySabrina mjspam@yahoo.com   108706705
  SassyWyle sassywyie@aol.com sassywyie  
  SethGeko jkrycia@aol.com jkrycia  
  Smiles erineliz@cfl.rr.com smiles1344  
  Snurt dwigert@prodigy.net raresnurth 1525300
  Sofaspud joebtflssk@aol.com joebtflssk  
  Steve335 steve335@aol.com steve335  
  Steve1492 steve1492@aol.com steve1492 690355
  SusieSmart mustanottagotta@centurytel.net susiesmart41  
  SuzieTart suzietart@hotmail.com suzietart312 27343998
  Sylphidine auronar@hotmail.com    
  Tarqness tarqness@yahoo.com tarqness  
  TheBigCat logocop@webspan.net william100 13660786
  Toadina toadonna@aol.com toadonna  
  Tobynn tobynn@prodigy.net tobynn 22932215
  TreePruner papaof2x4@aol.com papaof2x4  
  Twinsfan twinsfan@hotmail.com twinsfan01 23922481
  Watrdog rdunn3@mediaone.net watrdogg 1446509
  Weber bweber4@hotmail.com weber1961  
  Zadok kentbrody@prodigy.net brodykent  
  Zpack zpack1@aol.com zpack1  

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