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October 9, 1999

What a game! The competition was tough, the questions were tough, and the skunk gave the players a run for their money!
Congratulations to the top three scorers!



1. From what sport do we get the phrase "start the ball rolling?
ANS: croquet
Source: Why You Say It by Webb Garrison

2. What animal is Australia's most endangered mammal?
ANS: the wombat

3. A man named Guy Grundy, wearing motorcycle leathers and a crash jacket, set a speed record as he hit 68 mph on an Anaheim Hills' street.... using what mode of transportation?
ANS: A skateboard

4. When the Norse God Loki shot and killed the god Balder, what kind of arrow did he use?
ANS: Mistletoe
Source: Panati's Extraordinary Origins of Everyday Things

5. What was designer "Coco" Chanel's first name?
ANS: Gabrielle's%20Page%202

6. In the world of baseball, what was Elmer Smith's claim to fame?
ANS: He hit the first Grand Slam in World Series history.

7. If you were paying for something in "obols," where and when would you be?
ANS: Ancient Greece

8. What solar system object spins fastest?
ANS: An asteroid.. specifically one called 1998 KY26

9. What's the longest serving combat aircraft?
ANS: The B-52 Stratofortress

10. What TV female private eye had a pet ocelot named Bruce?
ANS: Honey West
Source: The Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows

11. It's well known that Wrigley field was the last to finally hold night games, but which ballpark was second to last when the lights went on, the night of June 15, 1948?
ANS: Tiger Stadium

12. In what movie will you hear the following quote? "No. Try not. Do or do not. There is no try."
ANS: The Empire Strikes Back

13. What TV show starring two real life friends won a Golden Globe award as best show in 1967?
ANS: I Spy, with Robert Culp and Bill Cosby

14. A group of geese on the ground is a gaggle, but what do you call a group of geese in the air?
ANS: Skein

15. Where did the rhubarb plant get its name?
ANS: From a combination of the Greek word Rha for the Volga River, and the Latin word barbarum, for the region of the Rha River inhabited by non-Romans. The rhubarb is a wild plant along the Volga River.

16. Who is the only baseball player to have led his team in total homeruns 18 years in a row?
ANS: Mel Ott with the New York Giants

17. When discussing Love Waves and Rayleigh Waves, what phenomenom is being referenced?
ANS: Earthquakes

18. Who once had 'special' cigars made out of cabbage leaves instead of tobacco to discourage his visitors from taking all of his stogies?
ANS: Thomas Edison

19. Who sings the song "Through the Eyes of a Child" in the closing credits of the movie South Park: Bigger, Longer, and Uncut?
ANS: Michael McDonald

20. What is significant to airplanes in the Eisenhower Interstate System requirements?
ANS: One mile in every five must be straight to allow emergency landing of aircraft

21. What state's motto, in Spanish, means "Gold and\par Silver?
ANS: Montana

22. What actor had one of his nipples bitten off by an alligator while he hosted a wildlife show?
ANS: Lorne Greene

23. Crompton and Co is given the credit for inventing what appliance?
ANS: Electric Toaster

24. Who was the first king of Sweden to have the name Charles?
ANS:Sweden has never had a king named Charles. They've had Olafs and Gustavs, but no Charles.

25. In the film "The Right Stuff," who is credited in the movie as "fred" and plays a bartender listening to Jeff Goldblum talking about test pilots in a bar in California?
ANS: General Chuck Yeager

26. Demi Moore has been in four movies that were based on novels. Can you name two of those novels with their authors?
ANS: The Juror by George Dawes Green
The Hunchback of Notre Dame by Victor Hugo
The Scarlet Letter by Nathaniel Hawthorne
Striptease by Carl Hiassen

27. Carter lusted in his heart, Clinton never inhaled, but who withdrew his nomination to the Supreme Court because he admitted to smoking pot in the 60s and 70s while a student, then a law professor at Harvard?
ANS: Douglas Ginsburg

28. What female athlete retired and said "I'm on top, I'm 35 years old, and I don't want to do this anymore. I don't want to get hurt anymore, and I've got nothing left to prove?"
ANS: Jockey Julie Krone

29. Not since Barbara Eden's navel coverup has so much flack been made about a bare midriff. What singer took the heat for her bare belly?
ANS: Shania Twain

30. What country music star had a surprise crossover Disco hit in 1979?
ANS: Dolly Parton...Baby I'm Burnin'

31. In what country is "Reversing Falls?"
ANS: Canada...where the St. John River flows into the Bay of Fundy at St. John, New Brunswick. The rapids at this juncture flows normally at low tide...backwards at high tide. Between tides there is a 20-minute period in which the river is placid and boaters sail by...quickly.

32. Who was the only President of the United States to also hold the title Chief Justice? (independant of the Presidency)
ANS: William Howard Taft...The US Supreme Court appointment came second and was a job Taft enjoyed much more than the presidency.

33. Who was Sweden's longest-reigning monarch? (be specific)
ANS: King Gustav the Fifth...he was in power from 1907 through 1950.

34. When did the nation of Yemen merge? (month, day and year)
ANS: May 22nd, 1990.

35. What key ingredient, once common in religion, is absent from Christianity, Judaism and Buddhism?
ANS: Multiple gods...Buddhists can be loosely described as atheists, in that they believe Buddha isn't actually a God but rather a representation of their own inner self. Another notable item, once common but, missing from these 3 religions is human sacrifice.

36. What scientific conclusion did both John Couch Adams and Urbain Leverrier come to, one year apart and independent of each other?
ANS: Both predicted there was another planet beyond Uranus based on celestial mechanics calculations. Neptune was found the following year just where both of them said it would be.

37. At this moment, what is the most remote planet from the sun?
ANS: Pluto...all the planets circle the sun within a few degrees of the same plane, except Pluto. Pluto is way off on a tangent. Result - although it is USUALLY the most distant planet, sometimes it's closer to the sun than Neptune. However, on Feb. 11, 1999, Pluto reclaimed its title as the most distant planet from the sun.

38. Who was the first man to record the song "The Twist?"
ANS: Hank Ballard...wrote and recorded "The Twist" with the Midnighters in 1958, but their record label relegated it to a B side, leaving it to Chubby Checker to take "The Twist" to Number One not once but two times, in 1960 and 1962.

39. In the 1600s, a blind Benedictine monk departed from the usual\par practice of sealing wine bottles with cloth, thus creating a new product. What did he create?
ANS: Champagne

40. What was the name of the blind Benedictine monk in BLITZ question #39?
ANS: Dom Perignon

41. Which 2 planets (of the 9) aren't included in composer Gustav Holst's classical suite "The Planets?"
ANS: Pluto and Earth

42. Who first wrote, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder?"
ANS: Author Margaret Wolfe Hungerford, who sometimes wrote under the name "The Duchess," in her novel "Molly Bawn"

43. "The Bat Lizard", "Star Child", "Space Man", and "The Cat" were collectively known as?

44. Where was Chinese leader Mao Tse-Tung buried?
ANS: He wasn't buried. Mao's flag-draped body, encased in crystal, has been on display in Memorial Hall in Beijing's Tiananmen Square since September 9th, 1977, the first anniversary of his death.

45. Name the man who served as President of the United States for one day.
ANS: Missouri's David Atchison...who, as president pro tempore of the Senate in 1849, was President for one day (Sunday, March 4th) pending the inauguration of President-elect Zachary Taylor on Monday, March 5th.

46. What was the first man-made element?
ANS: Technetium (Tc)...from technetos, or artificial. Atomic number 43 was discovered by Emilio Gino Segre and Carlo Perrier

47. When was the man-made element, mentioned in #46, first weighed? (month, day and year)
ANS: 1937...since the original source for this question went *poof* we're going to accept just the year. Techtenium has an atomic weight of 96.9062

48. Which musician was known as "Mr. Five-by-five?"
ANS: Jimmy Rushing...because he was so wide. He was Count Basie's featured vocalist from 1935 to 1948.

49. What is the full name of the city of Los Angeles? (12 words)
ANS: El Pueblo de Nuestra Senora La Reina de Los Angeles de Porciuncula...translated from the Spanish: The Village of Our Lady the Queen of the Angels of Porciuncula.

50. Who was known as the "First Black Man of Science?"
ANS: Benjamin Banneker...American astronomer, mathematician, clockmaker, surveyor and almanac editor. Banneker took part in the original survey of Washington, D.C. His almanac was published from 1792 to 1797.

51. What anthology TV series ran from March to May of 1959 and presented live plays in which a musical element was woven into the storylines?
ANS: Oldsmobile Music Theater
Source: Complete Directory to Prime Time Network and Cable TV Shows

52. The fairy tales "Puss in Boots," "Little Red Ridinghood," "Cinderella," and many others were first written down by Charles Perrault.. what famous building did he help to design?
ANS: The Louvre
Source: Fascinating Facts: More than 1,200 Intriguing Facts on Just About Everything by David Louis

53. Why is Executive Order 9066 referred to as "the shame of the nation" and who was responsible for it?
ANS: It allowed the relocation of Japanese-Americans to concentration camps. General DeWitt advised President Franklin D. Roosevelt that internment was a "military necessity."

54. What is the name of the TY Beany Baby Dragon born on July 31, 1988?
ANS: Scorch

55. What is the name of the Warner Brothers' sheepdog that protects his sheep from the wolf, Ralph?
ANS: Sam

56. From where do we get the meaning that a sure thing is a "cinch?"
ANS: From the Spanish "cincha" meaning horse's saddle straps
Source: A Dictionary of Americanisms by Mitford M. Mathews, ed.

57. Pokemon is the newest children's fad.. what does Pokemon stand for?
ANS: Pocket Monsters

58. What is the bending of an Aircraft's wings called?
ANS: Divergence
Source: Trivia Fever Book of Questions and Answers

59. From what form of entertainment did we get the word "geek?"
ANS: Circus or carnival
Source: Panati's Parade of Fads, Follies, and Manias by C. Panati

60. Before they were the "Raelettes" what was the name of Ray Charles' female vocal backup group?
ANS: The Cookies
Source: Whitburn's Billboard Top 40 Hits

61. A 1955 Congressional vote and order required that all United States coins bear what?
ANS: The motto "In God We Trust"

62. What was the name of the United States Navy's first aircraft carrier, commissioned in March of 1922?
ANS: USS Langley...On Mar. 20, 1922 the USS Langley, converted from the collier USS Jupiter, was placed in commission at Norfolk, Va. The ship's executive officer, Cmdr. Kenneth Whiting, was in command.

63. What disaster, called the second worst in California history, hit at three minutes before midnight on March 12, 1928?
ANS: The St. Francis Dam burst, sending a 180-foot-high wall of water crashing down San Francisquito Canyon and claiming approximately 470 lives by the time the floodwaters reached the Pacific Ocean at Ventura.

64. In September 1964, The Beatles performed on the same bill as what husband and wife singing team at New York's Paramount Theater?
ANS: Steve and Eydie Gorme

65. What American is the only Olympic athlete to win gold medals in both the Summer and Winter Olympics?
ANS: Eddie Eagan...won a gold in four-man bobsledding in 1920 and another in boxing in 1932

66. In which two prisons did Johnny Cash record two of his most successful albums?
ANS: Folsom and San Quentin

67. Cecil B. DeMille claimed his legendary Hollywood career was inspired by his father who left what profession to become a Broadway producer?
ANS: The priesthood

68. What city was paralyzed at 5:16 pm on November 9, 1965?
ANS: New York City due to a blackout

69. What unlikely rhinestone cowboy has a picture of a dagger tatooed on his arm?
ANS: Glen Campbell

70. What science fiction writer is credited with playing a part in the development of radar?
ANS: Arthur C. Clarke...During World War II, as a RAF officer, he was in charge of the first radar talk-down equipment, the Ground Controlled Approach, during its experimental trials. His only non-science-fiction novel, Glide Path, is based on this work.

71. Who won the 1993 Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion?
ANS: Charles W. Colson
Source: The Cambridge Factfinder by David Crystal

72. Who was known as "the player who could speak nine languages and couldn't hit a curve ball in any of them?"
ANS: Moe Berg
Source: The Nostalgia Quiz Book #3 by Martin A. Gross

73. In what country would you find the huge pine forest that makes up a quarter of all the world's forests?
ANS: East Siberia, Russia
Source: Highlights Top Secret Guide to Russia

74. Known as "The Black Babe Ruth," who was the greatest hitter of the Negro National League, making about 800 home runs in his 17-year career? 75 of them in a single season? (1931)
ANS: Josh Gibson
Source: NY Public Library Book of Popular Americana by Tad Tuleja

75. What newspaper scoffed at crossword puzzles as "a primitive form of mental exercise" in a 1924 editorial, and refused to print them?
ANS: NY Times
Source: Uncle John's Bathroom Reader

76. What "phobia" is a physical disease and not merely a state of mind?
ANS: Hydrophobia, or rabies
Source: Isaac Asimov's Book of Facts

77. Name the movie from it's description:\par "Two criminals make hostages out of a preacher and his kids, and drag them into a Mexican tavern crawling with vampires. 1996 (R)."
ANS: From Dusk Til Dawn
Source: Blockbuster All-Time Favorite Movies and Music

78. What author turned down the Nobel Peace Prize for Literature in 1958?
ANS: Boris Pasternak for Dr. Zhivago
Source: The Twentieth Century Year by Year by Fiona Courtney-Thompson and Kate Phelps

79. What product used the slogan "Ancient Chinese Secret, huh?"
ANS: Calgon Detergent

80. What race of Aliens' homeworld is Qo'noS?
ANS: The Klingons
Source: Star Trek Encyclopedia

81. What toy company manufactured the "Chubby Checker Limbo under the Bar" dance kit, complete with record and limbo bar?
ANS: Wham-O in 1961

82. What dance show actually had offical cufflinks and tieclasps designed for it by the Celebrity Jewelery Company?\par ANS: Dick Clark's American Bandstand\par\par SCORES: 2/ Hawk; 1/ Amazing, Erin\par \par

83. The cover of this Dell comic book touts "His mighty arms destroyed a throne and launched the quest for the Golden Fleece." Who was the star of this comic?
ANS: Hercules

84. In a 1965 'spy' movie, a bikini machine had two buttons, a kiss button and a kill button. What is the character name who created the bikini machine, and what actor played him?
ANS: Dr. Goldfoot, Vincent Dr. Goldfoot and the Bikini Machine

85. How many years of his 10-year sentence did Gary Powers serve in Russia before he was swapped for spy Rudolf Abel?
ANS: 2...On May 1, 1960 Powers was flying on a reconnaissance mission over the western part of Russia when he was shot down.

86. What two brothers, who were also priests, participated in the burning of Secret Service records in 1968?
ANS: Father Philip Berrigan (a Josephine priest and WWII vet) and Daniel Berrigan (Jesuit priest) along with seven other people were arrested and became the "Catonsville Nine." They went into a draft board office in Catonsville, Maryland, removed records, and set them on fire outside in the presence of reporters and onlookers.

87. Whose hypnotic sessions led to the publication of the book "The Search for Bridey Murphy?"
ANS: Virginia Tighe, who was hypnotized by Morey Bernstein. Their reincarnation hoax was exposed when it was discovered the woman across the street from Virginia was an Irish lass named Bridey Murphy.

88. What was Hailey, Idaho native and legendary American poet Ezra Pound indicted for?
ANS: Treason

89. What WWI hero was later court-martialled in 1925 for criticizing American air power?
ANS: Brigadier General William Mitchell

90. After only one year, 1929, what Academy Award category was abolished?
ANS: Both "Engineering Effects" and "Unique and Artistic Picture" were completely eliminated. A few other awards were combined under one category the second year.

91. What was the name of the registered white poodle Frank Sinatra gave to Marilyn Monroe?
ANS: Mafia

92. What is the middle name of former U.S. Secretary of Defense Robert S. McNamara?
ANS: Strange

93. Name the American poet of these lines on beauty and womanhood: "Pretty women wonder where my secret lies. I'm not cute or built to suit a fashion model's size."
ANS: Maya Angelou...the line is from her poem "Pretty Women"

94. What common element makes up the molecule Fullerene?
ANS: Carbon

95. Name the show that sparked the careers of such stars as Martin Mull and Mary Kay Place.
ANS: Mary Hartman, Mary Hartman

96. The Texas City, Texas, disaster of April 16 & 17, 1947 was a result of explosions aboard two ships carrying what material?
ANS: Ammonium nitrate fertilizer...The "Grand Camp" caught fire and exploded first, triggering an explosion at the nearby Monsanto Chemical Plant. The next day, the "High Flyer" exploded, taking with it another ship, the "Wilson B. Keene." The ammonium nitrate created a highly explosive cloud of orange smoke that triggered a chain reaction of additional fires and explosions.

97. In May of 1922, Mayor Hylan closed the streets of New York City for the building of what landmark?
ANS: Yankee Stadium

98. What author attended the University of Pennsylvania on a baseball scholarship and holds 10 world records for large gamefish?
ANS: Zane Grey

99. On July 22, 1967, Jimi Hendrix quit as the opening act for what popular band?
ANS: The Monkees

100. Which Southern Senator completed a twenty-four hour filibuster against civil rights on August 29, 1957?
ANS: Strom Thurmond

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