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December 2000



Happy Holidays everyone! Welcome to December's Teen Steam. I'd just like to make you aware of some of the hottest music out there that is already selling like hot cakes for the holiday.

So far it seems that hottest CD right now is
The Beatles. They released a new CD with 27 of their number 1 hits. It retails for about $18.98 depending where you get it. It's definatly a must-have for the die hard Beatle fan, or for the person who likes only the poplular songs by them.

The Backstreet Boys just released their new one in November. It is called "Black and Blue". And, while its not selling as well as their last CD, it's sure to catch up when purchased as a gift for the holidays. This one retails for around $17.98.

U2 - All That You Can't Leave Behind
Another great gift idea is the brand new U2 CD. Its called "All That You Can't Leave Behind." This album seems to take you back to the music they did before the "Pop" tour with all the fancy commercial stage setups. Any U2 fan will be very pleased with this album.

For those of you who like the latin craze,
Ricky Martin is back with a new one. This CD entitled "Sound Loaded" retails for about $17.98. Although it doesn't seem to be as catchy as his last CD, it is still selling steadily due to the massive air play of the hit song "She Bangs."

Seasonal CDs that sell really well are from the
Transiberian Orchestra and anything by Mannheim Steamroller. These CDs won't stay on the shelves long enough. They are very hot as far as Christmas music goes.

Here is a list of CDs that are being purchased for gifts this holiday:

Papa Roach - "Infest" (rock)
Dido - "No Angel" (pop/rock)
Pearl Jam - European Tours (rock)
Limp Bizkit - "Chocolate Covered Starfish and Hot Dog Flavored Water" (rock)
Nsync - "No Strings Attached" (pop)
Brittany Spears - "Oops....I Did It Again"(pop)
Charlotte Church - "Dream A Dream" (vocal, operatic)
Billy Gillman - "One Voice" - (country)
The Grinch - Soundtrack
Now (thats what I call music) 5 - Various artists
Totally Hits 3 - Various

Thats about it for now. Happy Holidays to all! If anyone has any questions about music, CDs, availability of something, or maybe just need a gift idea, please email me at . I have resources at my disposal that may ease your holiday shopping tension. Thanks for checking out the page!

Joey/ Seth Gecko