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December 2000


by (Livin' La Vida) Mocha


English Translation:

I've been a good kitty all year. So I am hoping Santa will bring me something really nice. As you can see, I have my patented paw stocking already hanging up! Even though I already have my wish list made out, here are some great ideas to put in your pet's stocking:

For Cats: Velveteen Candy Cane, Santa, Star, or Mice; Play-N-Squeek Mouse; Lazer flashing ball; feather toys; jingle balls; disco spider toy; bags of catnip; wool pom pom balls; Whisker Lickins Double Delights treats; glow-in-the-dark balls; and a jittering Santa or Reindeer.

Also available for the jewish cat are Hanukkah catnip toys shaped as: a Dreidel, a Menorah, Happy Hanukkah Greeting Sign, and a "gift."

For dogs: Deluxe Santa Tug-N-Ring; pig ears; tennis balls; rawhide chew bones; squeeky toys; holiday vinyl ball; liver biscotti snacks; heavy duty rubber fire hydrant; cotton holiday rope, Holiday Bungee Bone; and a plush squeeky candy cane.

For ferrets: Polar fleece balls; plastic bell balls; Marshall super chews; Chicken Ferretbites Treats; and a Limited edition Christmas tree ornament entitled "Peace On Earth, Good Will Towards Ferretts."

For birds: Christmas Port-A-Perch; Christmas Tree or Santa With Sleigh Busy Box; Stack Em Block Christmas Tree with removable star; Snowflake Surprise bird feeder; movable pine or hickory snowman; pine or hickory sled; movable balsa in various animal shapes; covered wooden wagon; perch hearts; castles; battleship busy box; pine cell phone; and a rocking horse.