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December 2000


by The Grim ~V~eeper

Greetings, everyone...and welcome to the premier installment of Celebrity Cemetery, the Grim ~V~eeper's Obituary Page.

This dark little corner of HOTP is intended to cover all the famous deaths through the year, in support of the Death Poll 2000 game on the AH board. Wanna play? HAH!'re too late (s evillaff}.

However, there's still plenty of time to sign up for DEATH POLL 2001. The rules are simple, even for you: Pick 10 famous people who you think are likely to buy the farm next year. 100 minus the star's age are the points awarded. For example, an old silent film star croaks at 95, you get 5 points.
If something HORRID should happen to, say, The Olsen Twins, that could be worth a whopping 86 points or so...a piece! (Of course, they would count as two picks out of the 10). Got it? The person with the most points by 12/31/01 wins. The winner, besides having their name inscribed on the imaginary yet coveted Esther Rolle Memorial Trophy, wins a roll of
The Fresh Maker. So, send in those picks before January 1, 2001 to .

Well, as I've said before, it's been a pretty disappointing celeb death year. I
mean, c'mon...Walter Matthau...Charles Schultz...Steve Allen? Where are the really big names? It goes way south from there too, with Jim "Ernest" Varney and Benjamin Orr, bass player for the Cars....sheesh!

Well, no player points were scored last month. And little wonder, with the cast of characters who said their final goodbyes in November:

Nov. 17
Joseph Calleja, professionally known as Joe C., died in his sleep at his parents’ house in the Detroit suburb of Taylor, Mich., according to a statement from Atlantic Records. The pint-sized rapper who performed with multi-platinum rock star Kid Rock has died of a chronic intestinal disorder at the age of 26.

Nov. 14
Eugenia Rawls, a theater actress who specialized in one-woman shows about Tallulah Bankhead and others. She was 87. (See, I'm grasping at straws here)

Nov. 13
Sidney E. Woloshin, 72, who helped create the "You Deserve a Break Today" ad campaign that had people flocking to McDonald's restaurants in the 1970s. (geez, this guy only *helped*)

....and finally, one for the holidays...

Nov. 12
Victor "You're a mean one, Mr." Grinich, one of the founders of Fairchild Semiconductor, the Silicon Valley company that helped start the computer
revolution. He was 75.

So, the point totals so far in DEATH POLL 2000:

1. Twins, Flying V: 23 points
2. Tarqness: 21 points
3. All other players: zip

Well, the holidays are coming up, so Da Grim ~V~ is hopeful for some ghoultide tidings for our players benefit {s evillaff}. It was only a few years back when Dean Martin swizzled his last stick on Dec. 25th, so anything can happen in the final month of the game. Farewell for now, and see you in the 21th