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December 2000


A Little Bit Of Trivia

Run your mouse over the colored balls to find the answers

Grand Pré In Henry Wadsworth Longfellow's poem, "Evangeline," in what villable did Evangeline and Gabriel live?

Father Brown G.K. Chesterton is best known as the author of stories about what detective?

Mary Roberts Rinehart What woman who covered criminal trials and World War I for magazines was the first American mystery writer to put a novel on the bestseller list?

Lilian Jackson Braun "The Cat Who Could Read Backwards" was what author's first novel featuring Koko, Yum Yum, and Jim Qwilleran?

Travis McGee What private detective lives on a houseboat named "The Busted Flush?"

Thornfield Hall In the book, "Jane Eyre," what was the name of the hall where Jane took the position of governess in Mr. Rochester's employ?

Mathematics Gary Soneji, the kidnapper in "Along Came A Spider," is a teacher of what subject at a private school?

Gage What was the name of Dr. Louis Creed's son who was killed in "Pet Sematary?"

The Just-So Stories Rudyard Kipling's "Cat That Walked By Himself" was part of what collection of stories published in 1902?

Old Major In "Animal Farm," what is the name of the prize pig who tells of his dream in the barn?

With the holiday season upon us, there are dozens and dozens of books available that would be ideal for that special person on your gift list. Below are a few sites that offer books, but there are many many more sites out there in cyberland. Don't forget that if your budget can't squeeze in the newest hardbacks, you can still go book shopping at a local used bookstore and find some fabulous bargains. Happy Holidays, and remember to watch out for those pesky reindeer!

Jill*'s Biggest Selection

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Myths, Hoaxes, and Urban Legends

We all get them - those e-mails warning us of dire happenings to our computers, our credit cards, or even our physical well-being. Which ones are true and which are fake? Before clogging someone's mail with a warning, check it out to be absolutely sure it isn't just another rumor.

Computer Virus Myths home page

CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page

Korova Multimedia § Hoax du Jour

If you're a member of AOL, there's a great site at KEYWORD: URBAN LEGENDS.