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December 2000

by Gabby

Holiday Makeup

The makeup news this holiday season is all about sheer shimmer in light metallics and neutrals that enhance skin tone by brightening the face.

For a long time, the only way to get the new sheer illumination style makeups was to pay big bucks for them in the department stores. Chanel, Dior, and Shiseido are just a few of the brands who provided formulas not available at your local drugstore. But now Revlon has broken through the pack with their new Skinlights line of shimmery lotions, loose powders and creamy sticks which add illumination to the face with formulas containing light-reflective crystal color, complexion-friendly minerals and vitamins C and E. This line was developed as an alternative to traditional foundation.

Available in five shades -- Natural Light, Pink Light, Peach Light, Golden Light and Bronze Light -- each adds a warm glow to pale winter skin. And because the skin formats are all sheer, they are virtually mistake-proof.

If you feel you've put on too much or applied it in the wrong place, simply blend the product away with your fingertips or applicator. Going price: $13.95 each.

To complement fresh, glowing skin, Revlon has developed two collections of sheer, translucent tints for eyes, cheeks and lips -- Colorlights and Bronzelights. The Colorlights collection is based in hues of rose, pink and peach for a healthy blush. Bronzelights adds a warm golden glow any time of the year. Both collection colors come in creamy Eye Glossing eyeshadows ($5.50), Lip Lacquers ($9.75) and Cheek Glaze ($8.25).

Put it all together with that new sexy black party dress you bought from last month's article (you did buy it, right?) and you're ready to greet the new year in true 2001 style!