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September 2000

Ahhhhh, it's so good to be back! Welcome to our September edition. We hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. Whether you went
Globetrotting to the Poconos, or stayed home and found Erin Brockovitch For Rent, we are glad you are back with us.

Wondering what everyone did on their summer vacation? Check out the Rumor Mill down below, one of our own met Regis. Did he make it to the HOT seat?
Tune in to find out! Also this month, do you have what it takes to be a
Star-vivor? Go to the
Pullyup Fair with DThrill Lady and find out.

In between taking the kids back to school and looking for a new housekeeper,
challenge yourself with some music trivia from
Seth's Silver Sounds. You
could win one of 7 CD's up for grabs. Or just sit back, relax, and give your
kitty a massage, as recommended in the
Whisker Watch.

In this issue:

Point / Counterpoint: Cats - Bunny Sez, Coug Sez - Dogs

Personal Care:
Out Of The Closet and beat the frizzies!

Vital Social Issues & Stuff survives summer TV programming

Start your day off right with a tasty breakfast from
krstl’s karats

Teen Steam:
Can you win
Seth's Silver Sounds

Trivia: Test your music knowledge with Jibbles 'N' Bits Of Trivia

For Rent:
For Rent? Julia Roberts makes her case in Erin Brockovich

Things To Do:
Would you join
DThrillLady in the Star-vivor house for $10k?

HOT web sites:
Conjunction junction, what's your function?
Gem’s Gems knows!

Ask The Yenta conducts a reader's poll

Commentary: The Soap Box declares support in reading "Harry Potter" books

Pets: The Whisker Watch teaches the art of cat massage

Travel: Globetrotting takes you on a trip to the Poconos

The greatest sports rivalries in
The Sports Page

Make Bath Salts in the
Kids Korner

Birthdays: Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays unveils your Virgo friends

WWW: Experience Weather With Weber throughout this month's articles.

It's raining on Pulau Tiga (Survivor Island). No it's sunny. No wait, it's raining. No wonder Rich mostly went naked, he could never decide what to wear in weather like this.

Can't remember where you've seen something? Search our site:

On Sunday, September 24th, join thousands of people as they walk closer to a cure for cancer in the
12th annual Boston Marathon
Jimmy Fund Walk

More than 7,000 walkers joined the 1999 walk, helping to raise $2.4m for cancer research and care at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute in Boston, MA.

The walk is held on the historic 26.2-mile Boston Marathon course, sanctioned by the Boston Athletic Association, and offers a choice of 3 routes.

To participate, call 1-800-632-3562, or email to request an application. Or you may register on event day.

If you are unable to do the walk, hundreds of volunteers are also needed for Walk Day - to help with check-in, hand out snacks and cups of water to thirsty walkers, cheer walkers on, and much more!

To volunteer, call 1-800-632-3562. In addition to the gratitude of walkers, you will receive a special T-shirt.

Who's doing what, when and where.

On August 8th, after a lot of phone pounding, Elvis Lives <Brian Clouse> was back in NYC taping his second appearance on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?" The show will actually air on Sunday, September 3 (Labor Day weekend). 3 of his 5 Phone-A-Friends were: krstl ktn, tktwrtr, and It's Zsa. They were each chosen based on their knowledge of specific topics. His other 2 friends were people from outside of our little cyber community. <Martha> His wife, cybermart (aka gardenmart) was in the studio as his companion.

Elvis sez: "I enjoyed the experience very much this time, as well. ABC treats contestants very well, covering all expenses including air fare, limo rides, and hotel plus per diem money (Jeopardy don't pay nothin'). The production people are great to work with and very helpful."

And although he cannot say in public who made the HOT Seat (or how they did) until the show airs, your editor strongly suggests you watch this episode!

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