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September 2000


Interesting sites to visit on the web


Remember 'Conjuntion Junction' and 'I'm Just A Bill'? Here's a cool website all about SchoolHouse Rock. There are lyrics, merchandise, pictures, sounds and lots of memories.


Shop at Cyberrebate "where everything comes with a mail-in rebate." There's even a 100% off category. Other categories include Computer and Office, Home and Gift, Sports and Health, Toys and Games, Electronics and Books and Entertainment.


Dorling Kindersley is an international
publishing company specializing in the creation
of high quality, illustrated information books. Their
Eyewitness Encyclopedia is designed to make it easy to find exactly what you want quickly and easily. It covers a vast range of subjects, and contains over 2 million words and 6500 pages. It is one of the best study resources online.


If you have too much time on your hands you might enjoy visiting Sheriff Joe Arpaio's Weird Jail in Maricopa County, Arizona. Because he has nothing to hide, he's put the nation's first-ever web cams in the fourth largest jail system in the U.S.

************************ provides an online environment in which you can play any number of games including chess, checkers, backgammon, battleship and more, with a remote player. Play with far-off friends/relatives or meet an anonymous opponent in the "waiting room."


If you're a sports junky and tired of the same old commentary, check out Sports Jones Magazine, for a different perspective. It features top-notch writing and insights from women and men who have played the games, and know what's up.

************************ has created what may be the ultimate shrine to some of professional sports' greatest superstars and Sports Legends, including video clips, commentary, opinions, and anecdotes from a wide range of sports including the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, MLS etc. Fans can also talk to their favorite athletes, play interactive games and shop for official products.