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September 2000


Good Gawd Big Brother / Survivor hits my neck of the woods. The Western Washington fair (aka The Puyallup Fair) is the BIGGEST yearly event for the Pacific Northwest. It seems this year the fair and a local radio station have decided to cash in on the popularity of these shows. I had really thought about trying out to be a contestant until I read the rules: No Smoking and No Vodka ... so NO DT! <G>

In an attempt to win $10,000, twelve brave souls will try their luck surviving in a 20' x 20' glass enclosed "home" for 17 days at the Puyallup Fair in the "STAR-VIVOR" Contest, hosted by STAR 101.5 FM of Seattle. They are even going to have a 24hr web cam (linked below). You can check it out from Sept. 8 - 24. Meals (with a strong emphasis on fair foods such as scones, onion burgers, barbecued ribs and carmel apples) will be provided for the contestants. Living and sleeping facilities will also be provided. Housesitters will be with the contestants 24-hours a day, and will take them to various locations on the Puyallup Fairgrounds.

The lucky 12 contestants, include 11 STAR 101.5 listeners (five men and six women) plus STAR 101.5 on-air personality, Jim Severn. They will arrive as the sun rises on the Puyallup Fair's opening day, Friday, Sept. 8th. Each weekday every contestant will be required to vote for one other contestant in the house for banishment. The contestant with the most votes will be banished from the "STAR-VIVOR" house immediately. One or more "immunity challenges" will be held, with the winner immune from being voted out the next voting period. Listeners and Fair guests will also have the opportunity to vote on-line to banish contestants.

On the evening of the last day, Sunday, Sept. 24, the two surviving contestants will be released from the "STAR-VIVOR" house. To be eligible for the grand prize, they must appear the next morning at the STAR 101.5 FM studios. The results of the on-line voting will be announced, with the grand prize winner - if any survive - receiving $10,000.

Special web cameras and microphones will be set up in the "STAR-VIVOR" home, and can be visited 24-hours a day on the radio station's website, .

Seattle had its 7 days of sun already this year. So, it's back to rainy days and mondays.