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September 2000


This month, The Yenta would like to find out a little bit about her readers. Below you will find 2 possible answers for each question. Please choose one and send your email reply to by September 15 for future publication. Feel free to enter an alternate choice if neither fits your personality. Thanks

1. Hard cover book or paperback
2. Time magazine or People magazine
3. The mountains or the beach
4. eating out or eating in
5. talking on the phone or talking in person
6. shop til you drop or wear what you got
7. eternal love or seasonal flings
8. Bush Jr. or Gore
9. pasta or paté
10. The Concorde Jet or The Pacific Princess (cruise ship)

Thanks bubbelahs! 'Til next time be good to your mamas and
don't forget your hanky!

The Yenta

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