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September 2000


A Little Bit of Trivia Questions
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Unbreak My Heart What song won a 1996 Grammy for Best Pop Vocal Performance from a female?

The Magic Flute What 1791 opera by Mozart includes allegorical allusions to politics, nationalism, and freemasonry?

The Wedding March What composition by Mendelssohn was presented for the first time when Victoria married Albert in 1858?

Poor Side of Town o/` That rich guy you've been seein' must have put you down o/` is a line from what hit by Johnny Rivers?

Soldier Boy o/` You were my first love, and you'll be my last love o/` is a line from what hit by The Shirelles?

Stephen Stills What vocalist and guitarist, born January 2, 1945 in Dallas, Texas, was an original member of the group Buffalo Springfield?

Benjamin Orr Which member of The Cars had a hit single with "Stay the Night"?

Wind Beneath My Wings What song from the movie Beaches was a huge hit for Bette Midler?

Mississippi What is the first word in the song "Black Velvet"?

Del Shannon Although Peter and Gordon had a hit with "I Go to Pieces," who wrote the song?

A Little Bit Of Entertainment

Whether you're on your way to or from work, choosing music for a party, or just browsing the web, there are plenty of sources to find the music you like.

Below, you'll find a few links to various music sites online. There are thousands of excellent websites dedicated to music, to fan clubs, to artists' greeting cards, and even to purchasing music from the web.

AMG All Music Guide

Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and Museum

Rolling Stone - RealPlayer and RealJukebox

Other Bits.....

Myths, Hoaxes, and Urban Legends

We all get them - those e-mails warning us of dire happenings to our computers, our credit cards, or even our physical well-being. Which ones are true and which are fake? Before clogging someone's mail with a warning, check it out to be absolutely sure it isn't just another rumor.

Computer Virus Myths home page

CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page

Korova Multimedia Hoax du Jour

If you're a member of AOL, there's a great site at KEYWORD: URBAN LEGENDS.