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September 2000


Today’s Tour Guide: Bun Bunz

The Pocono Mtns. In Beautiful Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountains is home to seven state parks, the Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area, over 150 lakes and miles of rivers and streams. The accommodation facilities range from full-service, luxurious resorts, charming country inns and bed & breakfasts or comfortable hotels and motor lodges.

Couples resorts such as Caesar's Pocono Resorts offers relaxing vacations for lovers or just a weekend getaway, featuring 2 all you can eat meals per day, activities and nighttime entertainment AND the exclusive ever popular Caesar's Champagne Glass Jacuzzi. You must see this place to believe it! We have stayed there numerous times and it was always great. For more info, go to .

If you're a camping fanatic and/or love water sports, The Poconos offers locations for you also. There are many campgrounds in and around the Delaware Water Gap that offer services for your camping, fishing and just hanging around needs. The site of your choice can be found at .

In the winter, this area also offers some of the best skiing in the northeast and is home to many ski resorts, 2 of which are Camelback ( ) and Shawnee Mountain ( ).

If you just want to check the entire Poconos area out online, you might start at which I found to have some of everything. Whatever your budget, whatever your taste, you're sure to find lots of fun for little money!

Get out your foam fingers and hats with the little umbrellas on them -- it's football season in Joe, Montana.