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January 2001


A Little Bit Of Trivia

Run your mouse over the colored balls to find the answers

The Four Horsemen (Football players of the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame.) What were Jim Crowley, Elmer Layden, Don Miller, and Harry Stuhldreher better known as collectively?

Joe Morgan What baseball Hall-Of-Famer who played for the Cincinnati Reds won back-to-back MVP awards in 1975 and 1976?

The Philadelphia Phillies Although known for his association with the Dodgers, Tommy Lasorda signed with what team during his senior year in high school?

Bocci What Italian game resembling lawn bowling is played on a hard dirt or sand surface enclosed by wooden boards?

The New York Giants Before joining the Green Bay Packers in 1959, Vince Lombardi was an assistant coach with what team?

Bernie Parent When the Flyers won consecutive Stanley Cup titles in 1975 and 1975, who was the goalie both of those years?

The Houston Astrodome In what stadium was the tennis match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs played?

Jack Buck What broadcaster for the St. Louis Cardinals and CBS Radio was inducted into the baseball Hall Of Fame in 1987?

Whirl-A-Way In 1941, Eddie Arcaro won the Kentucky Derby when he rode what horse?

Gary Player In 1961, who became the first foreign golfer to win the Masters Golf Tournament?

The holidays are over, but the year has just begun, and there are so many sporting events to look forward to. Some of the upcoming events include the Super Bowl, the Pro Bowl, the start of the Major League Baseball season, and the most exciting sporting event anywhere - the Stanely Cup Playoffs! Go Red Wings! ; ) Check out the links below for information on your favorite sports.

The Official Site of Major League Baseball - The National Hockey League Web Site
The Sporting News

Myths, Hoaxes, and Urban Legends

We all get them - those e-mails warning us of dire happenings to our computers, our credit cards, or even our physical well-being. Which ones are true and which are fake? Before clogging someone's mail with a warning, check it out to be absolutely sure it isn't just another rumor.

Computer Virus Myths home page

CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page

Korova Multimedia Hoax du Jour

If you're a member of AOL, check out KEYWORD: VIRUS for some great information and links on viruses, trojan horses, password sniffers, worms, and those infernal hoaxes.