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January 2001

Let's begin the 21st century with a bang and..... the January edition of HOTP.

We welcome all the new readers that have joined us recently. Chances are you are looking for your old friends. Guess what? We are right here! Located on the left side of this webpage you'll find some handy links. You'll want to bookmark this one -- the
AfterHours Homepage. From there, you can look up email addresses in our community Directory. Or, read posts and join in the conversation on
Message Board, hosted by Delphi.

Last month we moved HOTP to a new server. We hope you'll agree it was a change for the better. We are especially pleased with our new navigation system. You can now click from page to page using the links along the left side, instead of navigating back to the front page each time you wish to "turn the page". Gee, there's nothing like starting over 12 times huh? :)

Please also note we changed one email address. You can now reach us only at
thehotpress@yahoo.com since our AOL address is no longer valid.

And now...on with the sh0w...........

Mary Xmas
Editor In Chief

This month in HOTP:

Meet Ms. January and enter this month's contest. Check out last month's winner in
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I see dead people in
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Join the party at the January Birthday Bash

See Miss Congeniality
 Rent 2001: A Space Odyssey
 Or read Every Dead Thing

The Sports Page presents
Superbowl XXXV

Football party munchies



Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:
If you could meet one person, pick your choice from Santa's wish list:
30% of you would like to share hats with Pale Chapeau
23% Mary Xmas
18% MisterBubble
18% McPike
13% DT Lady
Thanks to everyone who voted! Don't forget to vote in this month's quizlet immediately below.

January 7th marks the end of the official Hurricane season for the year 2000. Carolina isn't doing well anyway, they are 15-16-5. With that win-loss record, no wonder we are giving up on them half way through the NHL season.

The Kids AIDS Site

The Kids AIDS Site was founded in 2000 to help provide HIV care, education, and counseling to pregnant women and mothers with newborns. With the click of a button, visitors to the site donate free care to help reduce the transmission of HIV from mother to child.

This donation of several hours of nursing care to children with AIDS in developing nations is paid for by the sponsors of the website. Clicking on the sponsors ads and making purchases from their websites also adds to the number of hours of nursing care donated.

The donations from the site go to the Elizabeth Glaser Pediatric AIDS Foundation's "Call to Action Project". The Kids AIDS Site was founded by GreaterGood.com, which also operates The Hunger Site and The Rainforest Site (previously featured in the April edition of

You go girl! Our resident scholar has made the President's Honor Roll at the University of Miami. Gabby earned a 4.0 GPA for the fall semester and was awarded the highest honor possible. That's MUCH better than just having her name on the boy's bathroom wall.

It's a(nother) boy! krstl ktn's third grandson,
Christopher, was born at 3:57am on November 15th. He weighed in at a whopping 6lbs 15 oz., and measured 18 1/2 inches long. He takes after his grandma.

Announcing the newest addition to the Ligamari family. Nicholas II was born last spring (on April 26th) to our favorite internet lovebirds, Bryses and Tark. As soon as he's old enough to type his screen name will be 'czar'.

In early December, Seth Gecko (aka Gemdragyn's eldest son Joey) proposed to his love
Brandee. The date is set for September 27, 2003. Good things are worth the wait.

Download of the Month

Note Tab Light

NoteTab Light is a friendly, free text editor that puts Windows' Notepad to shame. Offering a clean, highly customizable interface, complete with tool and status bars, NoteTab Light lets you open several large documents at once, each in its own tabbed window. Functional features include an editor Clipbook tool, Internet and HTML conversion functions, search-and-replace, text macros, full font support, and shortcut menus. NoteTab Light can even run on a Mac if you're using Virtual PC. There is also a NoteTab Standard edition at an additional cost.