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January 2001


A few issues ago I promised I would gather more strange web sites to share with you, and DT always keeps her promises, SO...........welcome to the Good, the Bad and the TOTALLY Distasteful ( I will let you decide which is which) <g> Don't like the way we do things here? Then apply for citizenship in the Republic of Lomar, the world's leading virtual state. Boasting more than
7,000 citizens, this republic will issue citizenship papers, passports, and ID's. And with elections upcoming, now is the time to apply for citizenship ***NOTE**** for some reason this one gave me the creeps A collection of photos containing humorous, bizarre, and or confusing signs from around the world. (Check out # 19, HoHo has a sign) <g> This one is self explanatory, but if your still unsure check out the "TooT"-orial for help. LOL Have a score to settle, but face-to-face confrontation isn't your style? Try a good old-fashioned voodoo curse from Simply provide the site with your victim's name and e-mail address, and then choose one of the prefabricated voodoo messages (may we recommend "Hurts, doesn't it?"). Your victim will receive an e-mail directing him or her to a Web page with your message -- and a voodoo doll that bears the victim's name. The victim will never know who sent it Need I say more??????? Bahahhahahhaaha