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January 2001


Today’s Tour Guide: Bunz

February is for Valentines

What you say? February? But this is the January edition of HOT off the Press! Yes Gentle Reader......Miss Bunz knows what month it is, but being the romantic that she is, thinks you need time to plan a nice Valentine getaway with/for your honey.

Paris???? hmmmmmmmm

Most people who come to Paris have a dream, an image of what the city
will be. This image is derived from films, books, other travelers, even perfume ads. The unusual thing about Paris is that almost everyone finds their dream to be true. The City of Light, the City of Love is everything you imagined and more. Overcrowded, overpriced, overvisited, yes. But also the
most magical city in France, and, for many people, in the world.

Paris is one of those cities where taking in the street life should claim as much of your time as sightseeing in churches or museums. A gourmet picnic in the Bois de Boulogne, a sunrise pilgrimage to the Seine, an afternoon of bartering at the flea market--Paris bewitches you with these kinds of experiences. For all the Louvre's beauty, you'll probably remember the Latin Quarter's crooked alleyways better than the 370th oil painting of your visit.

San Francisco "City of Sweethearts"

Cuddle up with your sweetie on Valentine's Day in San Francisco. San Francisco, perched at the edge of the continent, is truly one of the world's great cities. It's the heart of the San Francisco Bay Area, a port city with saltwater in her veins, gold fever in her past, and the danger of earthquakes
whispering in her ears. The city is small, with 750,000 residents nestled within a seven-by-seven-mile tip of land between San Francisco Bay and the
Pacific Ocean. Like any great city, San Francisco is recognizable by her famous landmarks. Who doesn't instantly identify San Francisco when they see the Golden Gate Bridge, the TransAmerica Pyramid, Lombard Street or Cable Cars! You can leave your heart in San Francisco.......but don't do it ........bring the romance back home.

A great website with all the info you could ever need for a great time in SF is located at:

Las Vegas - Get Married Quick ......and Cheap

The greatest by far webpage for getting married in Las Vegas is at ......from the simple to the sublime from Elvis to elves, from formal to's all here. I add this location to my article, because I, myself wanted to tie the knot in an Elvis style wedding ceremony, but alas, my other half Mr. Bunz (or Zorro as he used to be called) was not up for that much excitement. So if you do take my suggestion, please send photos and let me know how it turned out.

Whatever you decide to do for Valentine's Day, do something - buy some chocolate or a rose, or even just a card....make a card yourself....paint yourself red....shoot yourself with Cupid's arrow if you have no one special....say I love you to someone....and mean it!