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January 2001


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Holiday Gems

Chinese New Year: Say goodbye to the year of the Dragon :( and Hello to the Year of the Snake with links and history about this January Holiday.

"I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin but by the content of their character."
Martin Luther King: January 15.


Arts, Literature, Pop Culture, Media Gems

Volkswagen has long been an icon of innovative advertising. Now the carmaker has teamed up with AtomFilms, the leading Web film site, to offer exclusive independent films at its Web site. The site is organized like a drive-in theater -- you have to choose a Volkswagen to get there. The films are exclusive to VW, and they'll change each month. There will be world premiers, too. You can also learn about VW's cars, and even buy one if you like. Click here to visit the VW Drive-In! Amateur detective, beloved heroine, and ideal role model for girls--Nancy Drew has solved more than 140 mysteries and earned her place in the hearts of many since her birth 70 years ago. Nancy's foray into Web life includes a series of mysteries that invite participation. The site also features a complete list of all Nancy Drew books, as well as the first chapters of many of them. There are discussion groups for adults, where fans debate the merits of earlier books versus more recent ones, which of the series's ghostwriters were the best, and what Nancy would be doing if she were older. Essays like "Knowing Nancy" and "I Owe It All to Nancy Drew" examine the influence and legacy of this amateur sleuth and place her in a historical context. Teachers will find lesson plans to assist them in using the books as engaging classroom resources. With its wide-ranging material, removes the mystery from Nancy's history, providing entertainment for all ages.

HealthyUpdate is a fantastic site for anyone interested in self-healing and healthy living. Read wonderful articles and interviews by the most respected personalities in the field of healing and alternative medicine. This site provides the latest news and valuable resources from the world of healthy living, alternative medicine and Self-Managed Care.


Sports Gems

Superbowl XXXV official site.

As the NBA season heats up, there's no shortage of basketball commentary.
OnHoops joins the media flurry with a blend of humor and opinion. With features such as the "Golden Chuck Awards" and the "Journeyman Chump Register," this website proves that it's not afraid to alternately cheer wildly or vent its frustrations about the state of the league. Candid NBA analysis appears in such forms as "The Top 5 Bonehead Plays" and "69 Stupidest Predictions of the 1990s." A site that prides itself on individuality combined with speed, OnHoops gives the online basketball world an up-to-date dose of attitude.


$avings Gems

Visit HouseNet, the ultimate home-improvement resource for anyone who wants to "do-it-yourself." This site houses wonderful information and helpful hints about anything you may want to do around the house. Get information on many different topics -- home improvement, gardening, home decorating, remodeling, entertaining, sewing, and even real estate.

Find a Better Credit Card: If you're looking for a better deal on a credit card, a good place to start is, the Web site of US Citizens for Fair Credit Card Terms (CFCCT) and "Your Source for Credit Card Information." The CFCCT is "a grassroots, consumer credit organization" that "fights credit card debt" by finding the best cards and telling consumers about them. They're the most popular consumer credit organization devoted to credit cards on the Web, based on tracking; they're unaffiliated; and best of all they don't charge for their services.


Computer and Internet Gems

Customer service ain't what it used to be. For all the hoopla about customer cool lines, getting a real response to your problem is like downloading graphics with a 28.8 modem. Perhaps can help. If you have a complaint, the site helps you put it in writing and forwards it to the offending company. If you're interested in reading other people's complaints, you can search through their extensive database, which also describes company response, if any. There are tips on how to write a complaint letter, and even an online screamer to help you vent your frustration. Make sure your volume is set low.