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January 2001

by Tarq

Happy Birthday to our January babies:


Astrological Insights


Dates: December 22 Through January 20
Symbol: Goat
Ruling Planet: Saturn
Gem: Amethyst
Colors: Black, Dark Brown, Gray
Flowers: Ivy, Pansy, Amaranthus
Herbs: Comfrey, Knapweed
Metal: Silver
Animals: Goats, and the clove-footed

Capricorn Personality Profile:

Within prescribed areas, Capricorn is a resourceful, practical manager. These folks set high standards for themselves and others. They are self critical, and work well in a disciplined environment, demanding equal measure from their subordinates. A careful, ambitious planner, Capricorn moves forward with quiet, deliberate persistence. They can be frugal, possessing the ability to achieve results with minimum effort and expense. Highly
organized, they excel in managing several projects simultaneously.

Capricorn will often vie for a position of authority. Once attaining control, they are demanding and exacting in leadership. Although firm, they are usually fair to people they deal with. They value tradition, the tried and true, more than innovation. "We always do it this way," was no doubt first said by a Capricorn. Their naturally pessimistic nature explains their wry sense of humor

Capricorns tend to be profound thinkers. To them life is a serious business, and the need to be in control of it is paramount.. They are seekers after knowledge and wisdom. Rational, logical and clearheaded, they have excellent concentration, and delight in all forms of debate.

In personal relationships they tend to be exclusive. They often have few close friends, but will maintain these bonds their entire life. They are loyal to intimates, but sometimes indifferent to those outside their circle. Never impetuous, they consider business and personal relationships carefully before becoming involved. These are family people, and family usually comes first.

The occupations Capricorns usually choose are as; doctors, lawyers, accountants, and most any endeavor that deals with math or money. They excel as bureaucrats, especially where projects demanding long-term planning are concerned. Capricorns make excellent politicians due to their skill in debate, and good teachers or principals. They do best in an environment wherein they can exercise their desire for authority and organization. They are good with their hands, and may choose to be engineers, farmers or builders. The wit and flippancy so characteristic of some Capricorns allows them to consider entertainment as a career. Many are also strongly attracted to musical pursuits.


Famous people born on January 14th:

1741 - Benedict Arnold (controversial Revolutionary War general and traitor)

1875 - Albert Schweitzer
(medical doctor: Humanitarian, theologian, missionary, organist. Winner of 1952 Nobel Peace Prize)

1892 - Hal Roach
(director: producer and creator of the "Our Gang" film series and the team of Laurel and Hardy)

1906 - William Bendix
(actor: Detective Story, Lifeboat, The Big Steal, Blackbeard The Pirate, Boys' Night Out)

1919 - Andy Rooney
(critic: "60 Minutes" news anchor)

1938 - Jack Jones
(musician: Lollipops and Roses, Call Me Irresponsible, Wives and Lovers)

1941 - Faye Dunaway
(actress: The Thomas Crown Affair, The Two Jakes, Don Juan DeMarco, Mommie Dearest)

1968 - LL Cool J
(musician: first rap artist to hit #1 on Billboard's Black Singles chart; crossed over onto the silver screen, film credits include: Toys, The Hard Way)

1969 - Jason Bateman
(actor: Little House On The Prairie, Silver Spoons, The Hogan Family; sister-Justine Bateman, actress)


Famous people born on January 15th:

1870 - Pierre S. DuPont (industrialist: Chairman of the Board of the DuPont Company; humanitarian)

1892 - Rex Ingram (Hitchcock)
(writer, director: The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse)

1913 - Lloyd Bridges
(actor: Sea Hunt, Roots, High Noon, Airplane!, Airplane 2, The Grace Kelly Story, The Rainmaker, The Great Wallendas, Joe Versus the Volcano; Jeff & Beau's dad)

1929 - Martin Luther King, Jr

1943 - Mike Marshall
(baseball: LA Dodgers: National League Cy Young Award [1974]; record for most games [106] pitched in one season [1974])

1949 - Ronnie Van Zandt
(singer, songwriter)(group: Lynyrd Skynyrd)

1950 - Nate Hawthorne

1951 - Charo (Maria Martinez)
(Actress: Chico and the Man, Airport '79; singer: 'The Hootchy Cootchy Girl")


Famous people born on January 18th:

1782 - Daniel Webster (lawyer: political offices held - Representative from NH; Rep and Senator from MA)

1882 - A.A. Milne
(writer: "Winnie The Pooh"; son-Christopher Robin)

1892 - Oliver Hardy
(actor: comedic partner of Stan Laurel in countless motion pictures)

1904 - Cary Grant
(actor: Topper, Bringing Up Baby, To Catch A Thief; wife #4-Dyan Cannon, actress)

1913 - Danny Kaye
(actor: Up In Arms, Wonder Man, The Kid From Brooklyn)

1941 - Bobby Goldsboro
(musician: Honey, Little Green Apple, With Pen In Hand)

1955 - Kevin Costner
(actor: Dances With Wolves, Waterworld, Field Of Dreams)

1971 - Jonathan Davis
(musician: lead singer of rock band Korn)



Famous people born on January 23rd:

1832 - Edouard Manet (artist: leader of the impressionist movement)

1903 - Randolph Scott
(actor: Last of the Mohicans, The Nevadan, Ride the High Country, To the Shores of Tripoli, Man in the Saddle, Go West Young Man, Bombardier)

1907 - Dan Duryea
(actor: The Flight of the Phoenix, Five Golden Dragons)

1919 - Ernie Kovacs
(comedian: The Ernie Kovacs Show; actor: Bell Book and Candle, North to Alaska)

1933 -
Chita Rivera (Conchita del Rivero) (singer, dancer, actress: Sweet Charity, Pippin, Mayflower Madam)

1934 - Joey Amalfitano
(baseball manager)

1934 - Lou Antonio
(actor, director: Mayflower Madam, A Real American Hero, A Taste for Killing)

1936 - Jerry Kramer
(football: Green Bay Packers G: Super Bowl I, II)

1938 - Eugene Church

1943 - Gil Gerard
(actor: Buck Rogers, Sidekicks, Hooch, Soldier's Fortune)

1944 - Rutger Hauer
(actor: Lady Hawke, Nighthawks, Blade Runner, Beyond Justice, Forbidden Choices)

1952 - Stan Washington

1953 - Pat Haden
(football: Los Angeles Rams)



Famous people born on January 29th:

1737 - Thomas Paine (American revolutionary leader, political philosopher: Common Sense, The Age of Reason, The Crisis: "These are the times that try men's souls.")

1843 - William McKinley
(25th U.S. President, assassinated while in office)

1874 - John Davison Rockefeller, Jr.
(industrialist: founder of Standard Oil Co.; Rockefeller Foundation)

1916 - Victor Mature (
actor: The Robe, Samson and Delilah, Las Vegas Story, )

1918 - John Forsythe (Freund)
(actor: Bachelor Father, Charlie's Angels, Dynasty, And Justice for All, Scrooged)

1923 - Paddy (Sidney) Chayefsky
(Academy Award-winning playwright: Marty [1955]; Paint Your Wagon, Altered States, Network)

1943 - Katharine Ross
(actress: The Graduate, Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, The Singing Nun)

1945 - Tom Selleck
(Emmy-winning actor: Magnum, P.I. [1983-84], Three Men and a Baby, Mr. Baseball, Runaway, Lassiter, Quigley Down Under)

1954 - Oprah Winfrey
(Emmy-winning talk show host [1986, 1990 - 1994]; actress: The Color Purple, Native Son, The Women of Brewster Place)

1960 - Greg Louganis
(diver: Olympic gold medalist: [1984 & '88])


Famous people born on January 30th:

1882 - Franklin Delano Roosevelt (32nd U.S. President [1933-1945]: only President to serve more than two terms)

1911 - Roy 'Little Jazz' Eldridge
(trumpeter: soloist with Gene Krupa's Band; Let Me Off Uptown with Anita O'Day; U.S. President Carter's White House Jazz Party [1978])

1914 - John Ireland
(actor: Gunfight at the
OK Corral, Little Big Horn, Spartacus, All the King's Men, Marilyn: The Untold Story, Messenger of Death)

1914 - David Wayne (McMeekan)
(actor: The Tender Trap, The Last Angry Man, The Three Faces of Eve, The Adromeda Strain)

1922 - Dick Martin
(Emmy Award-winning comedian: Laugh In: "Say good night Dick." "Good night, Dick!")

1923 - Walt 'Moose' Dropo
(baseball: Boston Red Sox first baseman: AL Rookie of the Year [1950])

1925 - Dorothy Malone (Maloney)
(actress: Written on the Wind, Beach Party, Basic Instinct, Battle Cry, Man of a Thousand Faces)

1928 - Harold Prince
(producer, director: A Little Night Music, Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street)

1928 - Ruth Brown
(R&B and jazz singer: So Long, Teardrops from My Eyes, Hours, Mambo Baby, Lucky Lips, This Little Girl's Gone Rockin')

1931 - Gene Hackman
(Academy Award-winning actor: The French Connection [1971], Bonnie and Clyde, Hawaii, Mississippi Burning, The Poseidon Adventure, Postcards from the Edge, Superman, The Firm, Crimson Tide)

1937 - Vanessa Redgrave
(actress: Mary Queen of Scots, Julia, A Man for All Seasons)

1937 - Boris Spassky
(World Champion chess player [U.S.S.R.] [1969-1971])

1951 - Phil Collins
(drummer, singer: group: Genesis: In the Air Tonight, I Missed Again, You Can't Hurry Love, Sussudio, Two Hearts; actor: Oliver, A Hard Day's Night, Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, Miami Vice, Buster)


Famous people born on January 31st:

1797 - Franz Shubert (composer: Unfinished Symphony)

1875 - Zane Grey
(dentist; author: The Spirit of the Border, The Last of the Plainsmen, Riders of the Purple Sage)

1892 - Eddie Cantor (Iskowitz)
('banjo eyes': actor, singer: If You Knew Susie like I Know Susie, Alabamy Bound, Dinah, Ida, Makin' Whoopee, Ma He's Makin' Eyes at Me)

1902 - Tallulah Bankhead
(actress: Stage Door Canteen, Die! Die! My Darling!)

1914 - Jersey Joe Walcott (Arnold Cream)
(International Boxing Hall of Famer: 'The Barbados Demon': World Welterweight Champion [1901-1906])

1919 - Jackie Robinson
(Baseball Hall of
Famer: 1st black in major league baseball: Brooklyn Dodgers [1947-1956]; NL MVP [1949]; pictured on US Black Heritage Series postage stamp)

1921 - Mario Lanza (Alfred Cocozza)
(actor: That Midnight Kiss, The Great Caruso, Because You're Mine, The Student Prince; singer: Be My Love, The Loveliest Night of the Year, Because You're Mine)

1923 - Carol Channing (Lowe)
(Tony Award-winning actress: Hello, Dolly! [1964], Thoroughly Modern Millie)

1923 - Norman Mailer
(Pulitzer Prize-winning novelist: The Armies of the Night; Miami and the Siege of Chicago, The Executioner's Song, The Naked and the Dead, An American Dream)

1929 - Jean Simmons
(actress: The Big Country, Elmer Gantry, The Robe, Spartacus, Great Expectations, The Thorn Birds, North and South)

1934 - James Franciscus
(actor: Beneath the Planet of the Apes, Jonathan Livingston Seagull, Good Guys Wear Black, Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy)

1937 - Suzanne Pleshette
(actress: The Bob Newhart Show, Oh God Book 2, The Birds, If It's Tuesday This Must be Belgium)

1947 - Nolan Ryan
(baseball: Holds the record for individual career strike outs [5,714] and no-hitters [7]: played for New York Mets, California Angels, Houston Astros, Texas Rangers)