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January 2001


by Mary Xmas

The Eye Of the Tiger: The eye network is bypassing the conventional, 30 second ad selling game plan and asking advertisers for $12 million apiece for the 13 week run of 'Survivor: The Australian Outback'. In return for buying these 'sponsorship packages,' companies like GM, Target, Pepsi, Visa, and Reebok would get ad time, product placement, and links on the show’s webpage. When all is said and done, CBS expects to rake in more than $450,000 per 30 second ad on the series, which premieres following the Super Bowl. Speaking of which, CBS is also expecting to pull in a record $2.35 million per 30 second ad for that other big event (including a reported six hours of pregame programming), bringing the night’s total to a whopping $150 million (roughly $12.6m of which comes from ''Survivor''). Can you say cashcow? Get to know the Survivors before the show airs, visit:

Jamaican me curious: In her best island accent, Miss Cleo sez: "Call me now for your free reading!". In a recent abundance of cable commercials, this tarot-reading psychic promises to explore your love life. Naturally, in every commercial, she is right on the money. Pun intended. That's right, only the first 3 minutes of every call is free, then it's $3/minute there after. Even though I won't call, I still can't help watching these commercials. I think they are very well (witch) crafted. There is a certain chemistry about this woman, she is sheer entertainment. The Fox network should give Miss Cleo her own one hour special. Move over Darva, there's a new Queen in town. Visit for your free reading, really!

To infinity and Beyonce: Members of Destiny's Child have reached a settlement with the former members who sued them. MTV News reported that Beyonce Knowles and Kelly Roland have resolved the lawsuit former members LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson brought against them after they went their separate ways. In the suit, the R&B singers claimed the other two ladies forced them out of the group and tried to ruin their careers. Lawyers on both sides of the case say the dispute ended "amicably." In a related story, Beyonce is considering suing the person who named her. Visit for more on this up and coming diva group.

On Thin Ice:
A 65-city U.S. tour has been set for Target's Stars On Ice. Now entering its 15th year as America's premier skating show, the production will feature 12 of the most notable stars in figure skating. The new season is particularly distinguished as it marks Olympic Champion Scott Hamilton's farewell to the production. He really hung around longer than his hair did, didn't he? Visit for the tour schedule.

The postman always rings twice: For these kind of rates, he better. As of January 7th, the new rate for a first class stamp was raised to 34 cents. There is just one thing I don't understand, where do you place the stamp on email? Visit for current postage rates.

congratulates the winner of our December drawing:


She has won this cute little Christmas coupon book.