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February 2001


by Twinsfan

It's halfway through the hockey and basketball seasons and a few surprises have taken place.

First in hockey, the return of Mario Lemeiux. Now wouldn't you want the
owner of your business working right along side you? Of course this guy is the best at what he does, which helps. The all star game takes place Feb 4th in Denver, with the World all-stars vs the North American all-stars. This is the game that goalies in this league just hate to be a part of. Scores end up being 14-12 or something similar. The hot teams in hockey have been the St. Louis Blues, Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, Philadelphia Flyers, and San Jose Sharks. Right now the race to the Stanley Cup looks pretty wide open. Of course it really depends on who gets hot at the end of the regular season.

For basketball -- What has gotten into the Philadelphia 76ers? They have
the best record in the NBA but I doubt that they could beat a team coming out of the west in the finals. The surprise in the NBA is the Dallas Mavericks. A year after year doormat, they have finally got a chemistry that seems to be working. Other teams that seem to have a shot at the championship are the Portland Trailblazers, Los Angeles Lakers, San Antonio Spurs, Utah Jazz, and the surprising Sacramento Kings. The all-star game, which will be played Feb. 11th at the MCI Center in Washington, features a couple of guys who have played very little or not at all. Alonzo Mourning has not played a game all year due to a kidney ailment and Grant Hill has played a total of 4 games before breaking an ankle. How can you vote on 2 guys that have played a total of 4 games? I don't understand.

Baseball has had it's usual "better teams getting better"
and "poorer teams getting poorer" style winter. Most teams have their pitchers and catchers reporting to camp later in February, and the rest of the players in early March. Can anyone take the championship from the New York Yankees? Will A-Rod find happiness in Texas? These are just a few of the questions that will be dealt with more in next months sports report.

The XFL kicks off on Feb. 4th. The league was formed by WWF magnate Vince McMahon. Will we see body slams and
full nelsons, or will it be worth watching? The league says it is going to be smash mouth football. The way the NFL is going I sure would like to see some mouths smashed in that league. The taunting and trash talk has gotten out of hand in my opinion and the league seems to be doing nothing to curtail it. Oh yeah, there was an NFL game played on January 28th in Tampa and in case you have been unconscious for 2 weeks it was won by the Baltimore Ravens 34-7 over the New York Giants. Ray Lewis was voted the MVP.

I would like to extend my condolences to the Oklahoma State Cowboys mens basketball team. One of the three planes carrying players and other personnel crashed in Colorado and all aboard were killed. My thoughts and prayers are with them.

Till next month good night and good sports!