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February 2001

by Tarq

Astrological Insights


Dates: January 21 Through February 20
Symbol: Water Bearer
Ruling Planet: Uranus
Element: Air
Gem: Aquamarine
Colors: Electric Blue, Turquoise
Flowers: Orchid
Herbs: Chiles, Pepper
Metal: Aluminum
Animals: The Bird Kingdom

Aquarius Personality Profile:

The symbol of Aquarius is water, a universal image which dates back into prehistory. This will also be recognized in the Egyptian hieroglyph representing the same. The association in Aquarius is that of the servant of humanity pouring out the water of knowledge to quench the thirst of the world. These symbolic waves of water, share the dual expression of vibrational waves of electricity or parallel lines of force.

Aquarians are interesting and attractive people. They can be shy, sensitive, gentle and patient; or enthusiastic and lively with a tendency to be exhibitionists. Both types are strong willed and forceful in their own way. Very opinionated with strong convictions, they fight for what they believe in. They will argue vehemently for what they believe to be true, however, if you can show them facts to the contrary, they have little trouble altering their opinion.

These are farsighted people with an eye and ear to the new and innovative. They are generally without prejudice and quite tolerant of the point of view of others. They have an interesting side to their nature that allows them to see a valid argument even when they disagree with it. They are quite objective folk and never get waylaid by being too close to an issue or person.

Regardless of type, Aquarius is truly a humane, human being. Known to be frank and outspoken, a 'on my mind, on my mouth' type, Aquarius makes for a serious and genial companion. Refined and idealistic, romantic but practical, they are personable and likable people. Quick in mind and quick to respond, Aquarians love activity and are quite reasonable, though difficult to get close to. They cherish and guard their independence, and are a strange mixture of caring concern and cool detachment. They will go out of their way to help when needed, but never get involved emotionally.

Aquarians are usually intelligent, cool, clear, logical people. They have good imaginations and are quite intuitive. Aquarius is drawn to and inspired by great causes. In the midst of such a crusade they can be so completely devoted, that they drive themselves to the edge of complete exhaustion. This trait can be disheartening to those near and dear, for they get caught up with a cause in a way they never would with another person.

Whether the retiring or the outgoing Aquarian, both types appreciate opportunities to be alone. To Aquarians, being alone has nothing to do with being lonely. They enjoy their own company and are recharged by this quiet time. Rarely content being followers, they are more often society's trend setters. They do not take kindly to interference by others, even if it is well intended. Most Aquarians appreciate beauty and balance, possessing an excellent sense of aesthetics. This is often expressed by interests that can span drama, music, art, and science.

Aquarians are an enigma. On one hand they are warm, kind, and outgoing, the sort to make friends easily and willingly. On the other hand, they are quite aloof people, who do not actively seek out relationships, and resent any infringement on their time or resources. They are engaging, yet unreachable. They can be
fascinating and dynamic, while lacking any real warmth or endearing qualities

Aquarians work best in group projects. They are akin to nature, and are seekers after knowledge and truth. They make excellent researchers and admirable scientists, especially astronomers and natural historians. They may lead the field in photography, computer technology. Radiography, electronics or anything connected with the electronic communication industries. Aviation is also a natural vocation for Aquarians, as it was for Charles Lindbergh.

In the arts and humanities, their progressive talents are expressed well in writing, particularly poetry, and in broadcasting. In the theater, they make good character actors, and are natural mimics. Possessing an affinity for rhythm and timing, many Aquarians make fine and progressive musicians. In the service fields, they can be effective welfare workers or educators. In any endeavor, an Aquarian will always be found on the cutting edge of whatever career they choose. These are the trend setters of the zodiac, capable of seeing what is coming long before their contemporaries.

Happy Birthday to Our February Baby!
February 6

Famous people born on February 6th:

1895 - George Herman 'Babe' Ruth (baseball: left-handed pitcher: The King of Swat, The Sultan of Swing, The Great Bambino: 714 home runs in 22 seasons; played in 10 World Series)

1911 - Ronald Reagan
(actor - 40th President of the United States)

1919 - Zsa Zsa (Sari) Gabor
(actress: Boy's Night Out, Moulin Rouge; Beverly Hills police slapper)

1922 - Patrick MacNee
(actor: The Avengers, A View to a Kill, Battlestar Gallactica)

1931 - Rip (Elmore) Torn
(actor: Cat on a Hot Tin Roof, Extreme Prejudice, RoboCop 3, Beyond the Law, The President's Plane is Missing)

1933 - Mamie Van Doren (Joan Olander)
(actress: Teacher's Pet; pinup model)

1940 - Tom Brokaw
(news anchor: NBC Nightly News, Today)

1943 - Fabian (Fabian Forte)
(singer: Turn Me Loose, Tiger; actor: Hound Dog Man, The Longest Day)

1945 - Bob (Robert Nesta) Marley
(singer: Stir it Up, No Woman No Cry, I Shot the Sheriff, Mr. Jones, Redemption Song)

1950 - Natalie Cole
(Grammy Award-winning singer: Best New Artist [1975]; daughter of Nat 'King' Cole)


These songs were Chart Toppers in February:

Dear Hearts and Gentle People - Bing Crosby
I've Got a Lovely Bunch of Coconuts - Merv Griffin
Bibbidi Bobbidi Boo - "Cinderella" soundtrack
Mule Train - Frankie Laine

Crimson and Clover - Tommy James and The Shondells
Everyday People - Sly and The Family Stone
Touch Me - The Doors
Daddy Sang Bass - Johnny Cash

Stayin' Alive - The Bee Gees
Emotion - Samantha Sang
Short People - Randy Newman
Out of My Head and Back in Bed - Loretta Lynn

At this Moment - Billy Vera and The Beaters
Somewhere Out There - Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram
Land of Confusion - Genesis
You Still Love Me - Dan Seals