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February 2001


The Soap Box

by MaryXmas

I can't take it anymore! Why does everyone expect a tip for performing services that are part of their job?

You are always expected to:

  • tip the waitress for bringing your food

  • tip the valet for bringing your car

  • tip the barber for cutting your hair (even when he OWNS the shop)

  • tip the driver for delivering your pizza

Ok where in any of these descriptions are people going out of their way for you? These are the main functions of their jobs, why should I have to tip them for doing it? "Here's some money, thanks for actually performing your job." This has got to end.

There are some cultures where tipping is not accepted. In Tahiti, hospitality is part of their culture and you do not tip. It is considered rude to try. Well, yay!!! I need to move there (for other selfish reasons as well, but I digress).

If we are going to tip, we need to tip everyone. Next time my boss stops by my desk and asks for that report by noon, shouldn't he leave $5 on my desk?

congratulates the winner of our January drawing:


She has won Dave Barry's Greatest Hits