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February 2001


February, the month of Hearts, Candy, Flowers and Cupid. Here are some
web sites that are fun any month of the year.

You think you know everything there is to know about kissing? Wanna find out if your pucker is all that? Not sure which way to tilt your head? Then check out:
ThriveOnline's kissing tips. **** note Thriveonline has alot of great things ****

Found that perfect "Cyber" mate? Wanna tie the "Cyber" knot? Then this site is perfect for you:
The Cyber-Wedding Chapel. Don't worry if your "Cyber"mate turns out to be a real bozo, this site also gives "Cyber" divorces!

Have something to say? Have something to do in mind, but can't find the nerve to ask that special person? Then let do it for you. This is a GREAT site, it has something for everyone. you have found your mate, but not sure what to do, well let good ole
Dr. Ruth help you out. is a site for Romantics. They offer ecards, gift ideas, relationship advise and quizzes

And now it's time for something I hope you'll really like. Nothing up my sleeve...presto.....jokes!

There once was a man who had three gorgeous kids and one extremely gruesome one. While on his deathbed, he asked his wife, "Marie, tell me one thing. And please be honest. Am I the father to our last boy, Craig?" "Yes, honey," replied his wife, "I promise you, Craig is 100 percent yours." The man smiled. "I can die a happy man. Goodbye my love." And the man peacefully passed away. Maria, gave a big sigh and said quietly, "Thank goodness he didn't ask me about the other three."

An old lady's husband had just died and she felt there was no reason to live anymore. She called the doctor and asked excactly where her heart was. He told her it should be under her left breast. That night she went to the emergency room with a shot in the knee.

Why is a laundromat a really bad place to pick up women? Because a woman who can't afford her own washing machine won't be able to support you!