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February 2001


A Little Bit Of Trivia

Run your mouse over the colored balls to find the answers

Lana Turner In 1958, the fourteen-year-old daughter of what actress fatally stabbed her mother's boyfriend?

Roman Polanski In 1977, what director fled to Paris after a criminal charge dealing with conduct with a minor?

Barbra Streisand (Yentl) Who was the first woman to co-write, direct, produce, and star in her own film?

Her gold wedding band that Prince Ranier placed on her finger twenty-six years before. When Grace Kelly lay in state, what was the only jewelry she was wearing?

Eddie Fisher (father of Carrie and Todd Fisher) "Mike's dead and I'm alive," is what Liz Taylor replied when asked about what married man and father of two who was her latest love interest?

Marilyn Monroe What actress said, "I like to be really dressed up or really undressed. I don't bother with anything in between"?

Cher Who wore a Bob Mackie creation which featured a Mohawk headdress when presenting the Best Actor Award to Don Ameche in 1986?

Mae West What actress said, "Between two evils, I always pick the one I never tried before"?

Louella Parsons Hedda Hopper made wisecracks about the bald spot of what woman who was her bitter rival in the gossip industry?

Katherine Hepburn (He replied, "don't worry, Miss Hepburn, I'll cut you down to size.") What actress said, "I fear I may be a little too tall for you, Mr. Tracy"?

What better way is there to spend a snowy, icy, sleet-filled day than in front of the TV watching an old movie? Spring is close, but it hasn't arrived yet, so why not check out the links below and find the
right movies for you and your family?

Blockbuster Homepage
About Classic Movies site
The Internet Movie Database
E! Online

Myths, Hoaxes, and Urban Legends

We all get them - those e-mails warning us of dire happenings to our computers, our credit cards, or even our physical well-being. Which ones are true and which are fake? Before clogging someone's mail with a warning, check it out to be absolutely sure it isn't just another rumor.

Computer Virus Myths home page

CIAC Internet Hoaxes

Urban Legends and Folklore - Home Page

Korova Multimedia Hoax du Jour

If you're a member of AOL, check out KEYWORD: VIRUS for some great information and links on viruses, trojan horses, password sniffers, worms, and those infernal hoaxes.