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February 2001


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Holiday Gems

Valentine's Day Interactive Site with Flower, Gift and Wine guides; Romantic Stories; Songs, Movies, Postcards and much more.

Valentine's Day Crafts Valentine's cards, recipes, puzzles and more for kids to make

The Official Site of the Punxsutawney Groundhog Club.

President's Day resource page. History of President's Day plus links about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.


Arts, Literature, Pop Culture, Media Gems

On the Waterfront, The Maltese Falcon, Double Indemnity, and The Goldrush, define Hollywood's Golden era. From the 1920's through the 1950's, movie moguls reigned supreme and ruled the industry with an iron fist. These entrepreneurs created an industry and an art form that would remain as timeless as the films they produced. The Palace is a site devoted to Hollywood's Golden era and the great classic films it produced. In operation since 1995, it is one of the most respected and visited sites of its kind. Browse through hundreds of images, numerous audio clips and comprehensive bibliographies, and you'll be transported back to some of tinsel town's greatest moments.

There's still something about the feel of a good book that a laptop can't simulate, but the
Microsoft Reader comes close. Download this rather hefty file (7 mb), then go to the University of Virginia's Electronic Text Center. There you'll find at least 1,200 free ebooks available covering a wide range of subjects. The site typically "ships" about a third of a million ebooks each month. Look further at the eBook Directory, claiming some 12,000 books free for the download. If you can't find your reading material there, buy an ebook at Barnes & Noble.


Sports Gems

Have you ever dreamed of owning stock in a professional athlete? Stop dreaming and make your portfolio a reality. Sign up for your Wall Street Sports portfolio and wheel and deal shares of your favorites from football, baseball, basketball, hockey, and golf. Play for Fun! Play for Free! Play for Prizes!

Quit wasting time and energy looking for your favorite sports web sites. is your FREE, personalized sports web site that you create in order to receive the sports information that is important to you. Simply choose your favorite sports, teams and players from the professional to the local level, and they will provide the personalized links coverage and up-to-the-second sports news that you want.
Thanks to
John Spartan for these Sprots links.


$avings Gems

Visit Free N Clear Only FREEBIES! - No Shipping & Handling - Only FREEBIES! Free N Clear means just that! Free for the product or sample and free for the shipping! Free for you and free for me! Unless it's clearly free, it's not on Free N Clear!


Computer and Internet Gems

Have you ever wished you could save a site you visited and view it offline? Webcopier allows you to download an entire site (including graphics and even java applets) for offline viewing. WebCopier is a powerful (free) offline browser that records entire sites and stores them locally until you are ready to view them. With translations in over 20 languages, this multi-awarded program is a great edition for your
hard drive!