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May 2000

Welcome to the magnificent month of May.
We have another exciting new column for you. Please welcome
In The Stage Lights
to the Team Steam section of our ragmag! Smiles will take you step by step
through the process of creating a stage play.

Also this month, we feature Gabby's
Out Of The Closet. Just click to enter our drawing for a fabulous fashion prize! And don't forget to visit The Sports Page to see who last month's lucky winner was.

Check out
Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays and see who shares your birthday.
This month your editor gets older and wiser, but refuses to say just how much!

In this issue:

Trivia: Jibbles 'N' Bits Of Trivia focuses on health.

Travel: MuscleBunny takes us Globetrotting to France.

Plan Ahead: DThrillLady sez: "Seattle is just two months away!"

HOT Web Sites: It's holiday time for Gem’s Gems.

Pet Column: The Whisker Watch asks why can't men be more like cats.

Sports: Find Hidden Treasures on The Sports Page.

Things To Do: Learn Mixology 101 from DThrillLady.

Food: Get ready for swimsuit weather with low-fat recipes from krstl’s karats.

Teen Steam: Pink Floyd is out there on Seth's Silver Sounds.

Teen Steam: Join Smiles' theatre group as she goes step by step In The Stage Lights.

Birthdays: Join Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays and learn all about your Taurus friends.

Advice: Is it ok to love being single? Ask The Yenta.

Editorial: Vital Social Issues & Stuff asks "Got Milk?"

Kids: We're planning a back yard party for 8 at the Kids Korner.

Movie Reviews: What's For Rent? Liam Neeson in The Phantom Menace.

Personal Care: Part 1 of Fragrance Basics in Out Of The Closet.

WWW: Experience Weather With Weber throughout this month's articles.

Protect yourself from the "I Love You" virus. Download patches for your antivirus programs HERE!

MOTHERS' DAY - MAY 14, 2000
National Mall, Washington DC

This march is dedicated to the mission of educating children and our country about the life-threatening danger of guns. While guns may be necessary for hunting, law enforcement, and national security, the proliferation of firearms intended for one purpose only - killing another human being - has become untenable. Our children's lives far outweigh the right for just anyone, especially juveniles, to carry a semi-automatic assault weapon or Saturday night Special.

This march will send a message to Congress to enact common sense gun control legislation, and is to endorse the following:

1) Sensible "Cooling Off" Periods and Background Checks
2) License Handgun Owners and Register All Handguns
3) Safety Locks for All Handguns
4) Limit Purchases to one-handgun-per-month
5) No-Nonsense Enforcement of Gun Laws
6) Enlistment of Help from Corporate America

Million Mom March
P.O. Box 762
Washington, DC 20044-0762
(888) 989-MOMS

Who's doing what, when and where.

ENGAGED: Strange Daze ahead for Kim (Tarq) & Darryl as they plan for their upcoming wedding on June 3rd. Early preparations indicate a 30's style nuptial complete with a Zoot Suit for the groom. I'll be back with a complete rundown next month.

MARRIED: Congratulations to Suzie & Steve on their April 24th marriage. Details on the wedding and honeymoon will be released as soon as the jetlagged couple settles back down. Rumor has the the bride snoozed past the first night. didn't hear it from me.

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