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May 2000


Dear Yenta,

I am divorced and love it. I don't have to cook,clean or do laundry unless I want to. I get to have the whole bed to myself and my snoring only wakes myself up. When I walk into my house its like a party as the quiet is so wonderul. People think I am strange and a manhater because I don't want one of my own. I think they are jealous because they have to leave notes when they leave the house. Single womens eyes meet in a silent smirk when some shackled Mrs. can't imagine why we don't want husbands. Is there some way of silencing these dogooders that consistently want to fix me up with something some other woman discarded?

Content to be Alone

Dear Content:

The Yenta understands quite well why you are so happy, as she was once a single Yenta and enjoyed all the positives that you extol. Being married also has its pleasures, but if it in fact, is NOT for you, then you only have to tell your married friends quite firmly that just because they are miserable, hateful and jealous is no reason to take it out on you and that you would rather be alone forever than to be stuck in a "go nowhere, do-nothing relationship with a boor who only seeks to tie you to a life of drudgery". I'm sure after you speak your piece, you will never have to worry about them trying to fixing you up again or even have to worry about them speaking to you again. I'm sure you will enjoy the added peace and quiet as well.

The Yenta

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