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May 2000


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Celebrated for thousands of years throughout diverse cultures, Mayday could be the most ancient religious festival in the Northern Hemisphere....Today, we still celebrate the remnants of an ancient religion, Nature turning on the Wheel of Heaven.

A history of May Day.


Many Americans think that the festivities of Cinco de Mayo, held each May 5th, are in celebration of the independence of Mexico. Few know the real connection between the battle of that day and the preservation of American, not Mexican, independence.

Find out what Cinco de Mayo is all about.


Mother's Day is celebrated by some as an obligatory observance, and some deride it as being too commercial. Nonetheless, many people are grateful for a chance to express to their mothers -- and other women as well -- warm feelings and genuine appreciation.

Read about the origins of Mother's Day, in English and Spanish.


Here's a site with a tons of links to flowers, gifts, cards, recipes...etc, all just for Mother's Day.

Also, from the same site, a list of Memorial Day links.



The rest of the country is still in spring time so anything goes I guess