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May 2000


Mixology 101 with DTLady

After days of racking my brain trying to figure out what to write
about this month, a person who knows me well ( too well it seems) <g>
said “DT just write about something you know well, booze.”
BTW thanks MaryHOHOxmas :}

With the summer coming and all the back yard parties, it's time we all check out our party supplies. Besides the food, the party host needs to make sure they have a well stocked bar, and to do that I have listed some ideas to what a basic bar should contain. Off course tastes vary, and also picking the liquor depends on what you want to serve.

Whisky / Bourbon
Vodka <perk>
Light Rum (for Gabby Umbrella drinks)
Juices (orange, pineapple, tomato, etc)
Tonic / Soda water
Pop (variety) that's soda for you wrong coasters <g>
lemons, limes, celery, green olives
Umbrellas ( if Gabby is attending)


Jigger to measure liquor
Shaker / Strainer ( for your high class Martini drinkers)
Blender (for them fancy drinks)
LOTS of Ice
Glasses (hell your supply’n the booze make them use papercups!)

Stuck on how much liquor to buy? Here is a guideline. There is 1 1/2 - 2 ozs of liquor to a drink, ( Bahahhaaa not the ones I make) so......

1 fifth
1 quart
1 liter
1 1/2 gal.
wine bottle
champange bottle

= 13 - 17 drinks
= 16 - 21 drinks
= 17 - 22 drinks
= 32 - 42 drinks
= 6 glasses
= 6 - 12 flutes

Here are 2 great web site that have MANY drink ideas:

This site has weekly drink specials and also gives a description of every liquor known to mankind.

This is an excellent site. Just type in the liquor and other goodies you have on hand, and they give you a recipe.

Have fun with these ideas and drinks,
but just remember if your drinking dont drive!