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May 2000


by Mary Xmas

Me Music, It’s Mine. Ok, I HATE these commercials. First of all Charlotte Church has GOT to go! Her Easter commercial for Target was not “tres chic”, it was “tres annoying”. And Christina Aguilera really thinks she is like THE world’s greatest vocalist. Ok, no. It’s for commercials like this, that the remote control was invented.

Got Chocolate Milk? I have really enjoyed all the “Got Milk?” ads, from the billboards to the tv commercials. Recently the first tv ad for chocolate milk started running and it is hysterical. This teenage boy pours milk into a box of chocolate flavored cereal puffs, shakes it, pours out only the milk (leaving the cereal puffs in the box), drinks it, THEN puts the box back in the cupboard. I laugh because I am picturing the next persons face as they pour these soggy puffs into their bowl. My fiance laughs, because it’s something he’d probably do to me. I am so glad I don’t have kids!

Read the book? No, I will wait for the movie. So when are the three network made for TV movies about Elian Gonzalez coming out? I mean if Amy Fisher gets three, certainly Elian will too. I shall be highly disappointed if all I get to watch is the over-extended drama that his family is putting the nation through on every news report, everyday, for 6 months. I mean darn. That just isn’t enough. If you don’t normally check out the websites I provide with my commentaries, you really should check this one out:

Change Of Heart. Ok I love game shows, but this is ridiculous. Have you seen this stupid show? There are two couples per show, each at “crossroads” in their relationship. So, each member of said couple is set up on a date with a romantic “match”. Then they each report back to the host, in front of their partner, about every detail of the date. Then at the end of the show, each person is given the opportunity to say if they want to stay with their partner, or have had a change of heart (not neccessarily wanting to be with the new person they just dated, but at least DON’T want to be with their old partner). Ok this show is sick. Who thinks of these things? Former Jerry Springer guests?

Hello Seattle, I’m listening! Well we won’t see Dr. Frasier Crane at the Seattle Bash, but maybe we’ll see a crane used to clear the rubble of the KingDome. There was so much dust from that implosion, I was coughing clear down here in California.