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March 2001


Interesting sites to visit on the web

Holiday Gems

C-Net says that MardiGras New is "the definitive source of information on all matters bacchanalian." The site offers history, recommendations, throws, balls, Mardi Gras dates, Mardi Gras colors ... and important saftey tips for watching a parade in New Orleans ... and the truth about those Mardi Gras traditions!

St. Patrick's Day is Ireland's greatest national holiday as well as a holy day. It's a happy holiday for the Irish wherever they may be -- in Dublin, New York City, Boston, or San Francisco. This is a beautiful site with tons of stuff about St. Patty's day. History, traditions, humor, sayings, crafts, recipes, shopping, links ... and a cool trailing cursor.


Arts, Literature, Pop Culture, Media Gems

Eternal Personal Time Capsule: This site has the lofty goal of recording the life stories of all humanity. Share memories of the past or present, remembrances of your children or parents, and they'll be stored here forever like a virtual time capsule. Search and read the stories of others. Poignant and funny! Some of the people participating in this site have passed away already...

In our information intensive world, we are constantly exposed to new and unique forms of entertainment. Recently, in recognition of this, a talented group of writers, filmmakers, researchers, engineers, and artists pooled their skills together to create a balance between the vast information available and the entertainment provided on the net. is a knockout from top to bottom. The simple design and layout, allow for easy navigation through its fascinating content. With categories ranging from "Human" to the "Milky Way and Beyond" to "Life", there is little room for boredom. It is a thoroughly intelligent, thoughtful, and important site.


Sports Gems

"Winning is not a sometime thing; it's an all the time thing. You don't win once in a while; you don't do things right once in a while; you do them right all the time." If this is the type of speech that gets you fired up to make a cold call, mow the lawn, or simply pop a cold one during a TV timeout, then run, don't walk, to this wonderful site. For many football fans, Vince Lombardi is a mythological character who descended from Olympus to kick some butt. For others, he was just a sore loser. You can read through some of his most compelling quotes, eyeball a sparse but poignant photo page, or read his famous #1 speech, excerpted above.

Sports Illustrated Babe-O-Rama: Many people don't know it, but the WEB version of Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Edition is MUCH BETTER than the magazine version. Loads more pix. And it's just released!

The NASCAR tribute to The Intiminator,
Dale Earnhardt, Sr.


$avings Gems is your #1 source for all the free stuff on the web ... free coupons, sweepstakes, samples, MP3, baby items, stuff for kids, teachers, & parents, too ... free recipes, games, magazines, contests, software, CDs, bargains, greeting cards. (Thanks Bunz for this one!)<P>

Calculator to compare fluorescent versus incandascent lamps.


Computer and Internet Gems

Webmasters use a variety of annoying tricks to lure you to their sites and keep you there. Pop-up windows you can't close or that open a new window as soon as you close one, animation and video clips that take forever to load or that crash your browser, back buttons that won't work, MIDI files you don't want to hear -- there's an ever-expanding list of Web outrages, and every surfer has a favorite. CNET's Web wizards have compiled a list of six of the worst offenders and what you can do avoid or disable them. See When Web Sites Attack to learn how to fight back at out-of-control pop-ups, "attack ads," browser-freezing animations, and Web sites encrusted with every conceivable gimmick.

Treat your PC with respect! Most users put their PCs at risk through carelessness and neglect at some point. It doesn't have to be anything as drastic as a virus, either -- installing or uninstalling software, upgrading software, changing settings, and even sloppy housekeeping can hurt or kill your machine. CNET's techs have compiled a handy online list of 18 common mishaps and how you can avoid or fix them. They tell you how to manage software safely, how to delete files or clean up your Registry without zapping anything important, and how to take care of your computer so it will live long enough to be truly obsolete. If you've ever suffered through a major problem, you're probably willing to go a few extra steps to avoid the hassle and expense of a repeat performance.