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March 2001

Hey gang, let's start off this month with a sing-along...

January, we'll start the year off FINE (diner)
February, you're my little Valentine
March, I'm going to March you down the isle.....

In March? Well.... close, anyway. Check out The Rumor Mill below for exciting wedding news. Someone has finally set the date -- for April.

And in other fast breaking news, our good friend tktwrtr has joined
HOTP. Always a leader in pop culture, and a great lifeline if you ever make it on Millionaire, her SCORCHING movie reviews are right on the money. Just in time for the Oscars, we have a HOT movie prize waiting for you. Visit the balcony of At The Movies With tkt and enter our monthly drawing.

Even more new articles await you. Join our
Chick Chat, it's not just for the ladies. Bunz always has some insightful words of wisdom to share with those wanting to improve their inner selves. On the flip side, Fine Diner's new Jock Talk is for the more physical individuals.

So for now let's say adiou... until next month, when we say "I do".

Mary Xmas
Editor In Chief

This month in HOTP:

Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:

What do you miss most about Prodigy Classic?

This came as no surprise. An overwhelming 48% of you miss the Labor Day Marathon games the most.
30% The 3-screen gottems
13% Team HOT
4% Building a Better Prodigy
4% The Punt Monster
0% The Flock

Thanks to everyone who voted! Don't forget to vote in this month's quizlet immediately below.


The National Spinal Cord Injury Association

The primary mission of The National Spinal Cord Injury Association (NSCIA) is to educate, motivate and empower survivors of spinal cord injury and disease through their toll-free helpline, nationwide chapters and support groups to achieve and maintain higherlevels of independence and personal fulfillment.

The NSCIA has many chapters throughout the United States. Some members have physical disabilities while others do not. Chapter members participate in a variety of activities. They work with local and national officials and agencies to develop better programs and services and act as community advocates for improved access, housing, transportation, employment, and leisure time activities for disabled people. Peer support and other services are also provided. These are fundamental aspects of living that 500,000 people with spinal cord injuries or diseases must cope with after they have been rehabilitated and have returned to community life.

You can start a
support group in your area. These groups provide a valuable service not only for counseling and support, but also for socializing and information sharing. "Old timers" have information to share with newer injuries, and such groups have more influence with vendors or medical professionals to present information and products.

Matters relating to NSCIA Membership, Chapter and Support Groups, and the 'In Touch With Kids' program should be directed to:

Paul Mortenson, Executive Director
Arizona United Spinal Cord Injury Association

Samaritan Rehab. Institute R-2
1012 E. Willetta
Phoenix, AZ 85006
phone (602) 239-5929
toll free (877) 778-6588

The date has been set! Your Editor In Chief is tying the knot on April 21st to that hunky, Globetrotting, Musclebunny. Here comes the bride ... all dressed in white ... Hey! NO SNICKERING!

What's in a name? OK here's one I don't have all the facts on, but why should I let a little thing like that stop me? Our resident party girl Bitzie underwent a recent surname change. I knew I heard wedding bells playing. I think I also saw a moving van drive by. For those of you in the "pool", her new name is NOT Mrs. Jack Daniels.

It's a girl! The sonogram didn't show that "third leg", so Tarqness and her hubby are expecting the superior sex. The Yenta is pleased.

March is coming in like a lion.
Simba is pleased.

Download of the Month

WS_FTP Limited Edition

Downloading files or maintaining a website is easy with WS_FTP, one of the true software staples of the Internet. You can select multiple files and/or directories and transfer them in a single operation. Features include firewall support. Many display features can be customized, including directory sorting and window layout. A ready-to-use list of popular public FTP sites is included. Offered as a "lite" version of WS_FTP Pro, this Limited Edition is free, easy to use, and well documented.