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March 2001

by Tarq

Astrological Insights


Dates: February 21 Through March 20
Symbol: Two Fish
Ruling Planet: Neptune
Element: Water
Gems: Moonstone, Catseye
Colors: Sea Green
Flowers: Water Lily
Herbs: Chicory, Lime
Metal: Platinum
Animals: Fish, Water Dwellers

Pisces Personality Profile:

The symbol of Pisces is represents a pair of sea horses or sea lions yoked together. They dwell in the innermost regions of the sea, which is symbolic of life after death or regeneration. The image also represents a duality, the struggle of the spiritual soul within the physical body. In Pisces, these two natures are joined, yet very much separate. This conflict is sometimes an inhibition to natural expression.

Pisces are . . . is a difficult sentence to finish. There are so many kinds of Pisces. Strange statement? Yes, because Pisceans are the most malleable of the twelve signs. They possess a gentle, patient nature, but one that is in want of molding. They can be impressed by and completely absorbed into their environment. They are in need of a container which will shape them, guide them. Without this guiding form, this rudder, they tend to drift.

Pisces adapts to their surroundings, good or bad. They are generous, friendly, good natured people with a true sense of kindness and compassion. They are sensitive to everything around them including the feelings of others. They are popular folk because of their easygoing and likable manner, which tends to mirror people they are with. They have an uncanny sense of perceiving what a person is in need of, and delivering it. They are not initiators, but rather allow circumstances and events to motivate them, and then they respond. In this aspect, they tend to focus on other peoples problems rather than their own.

Pisceans are not practical people. They are too ephemeral for normal day to day living in the 9-5 "practical" world. They are sensitive and instinctual rather than intellectual or mechanical. They lack decisiveness and are easily diverted from their purposes. They are apt to live a shiftless sort of life, searching for some career or meaning in which to pour themselves. They discourage easily, and can become despondent, feel unappreciated and move on to something or someone else..

When, however, they do find the right container, they are capable of some incredible deeds. They will become completely absorbed in a chosen path, to the exclusion of everything else. The 'absent minded professor' is a classic Pisces character, such as Albert Einstein. They don't fare well in a controlled or fixed environment and generally rebel against convention. But, unlike the Aquarian, who will fight the establishment, Pisces wages only a personal battle.

Pisceans do best in an environment where they can exercise their imaginations and intuitive nature. They are gifted artistically. They are versatile and tend to understand things by absorption rather than logic. They are receptive to new ideas and circumstances. They possess wonderful creativity which is demonstrated in music, literature, drama and art. They have an acute instinct for, and love of beauty in nature as well as the arts. They appreciate luxury and pleasure, and are ripe for new sensations. When they travel, they prefer remote, exotic places.

Pisceans rarely have an ego problem, and in their personal relationships and friendships tend to be very giving. In matters of the heart, they seek a soul mate rather than a bed mate. That is not to say they will not hop from bed to bed in search of this soul mate. Pisces is a spirit on a quest for Utopia, and Utopia does not exist on this earth. Pisces is easily misled because they want to believe. No matter how often they are led astray by vacant promises, they keep the faith and go on looking for their personal ideal. They are loyal, home-loving, kind and generous, but their dreamy and impractical natures are a source of distress to those close to them.

In the career department, they are better working by themselves than for someone else. Their sympathy equips them for careers in charity, catering to the needy, as a nurse, looking after the sick, or as a veterinarian, caring for animals. They have a love of water, and can be found in work that keeps them near the sea. Pisces creativity includes a natural ability to imitate or mirror another person as well as enter into their feelings. These attributes make them wonderful character actors, and many Pisceans find great fulfillment on stage or in films..

Pisces sense of others, is an ability that makes them effective in civil service and the legal arena. Many in law enforcement and the judicial system are Pisceans. Their intuitive and spiritual qualities can lead them into careers in religion or to service as mediums and mystics. Still others are creative cooks and chefs. Because of their versatility and plasticity, they often follow several vocations during their lifetime.

Happy Birthday to
FLYING ~V~ !!!
March 2

Famous people born on March 2nd:

1793 - Sam Houston (fought for Texas' independence from Mexico; President of Republic of Texas; U.S. Senator; Texas governor)

1904 - Dr. Seuss
(Theodor Seuss Geisel) (Pulitzer Prize-winning author [1984]: The Cat in the Hat, The Grinch Who Stole Christmas, Green Eggs and Ham)

1909 - Mel Ott
(baseball: consecutive batting record of walks in a row [7]: New York Giants, June 16-18, 1943)

1917 - Desi Arnaz
(Desiderio Alberto Arnez y de Acha III) (bandleader, singer: Babalu; actor: I Love Lucy; married to Lucille Ball; co-owner of Desilu Productions; introduced 3-camera sitcom technique)

1944 - Lou Reed (Firbank)
(singer, songwriter, guitarist: group: Velvet Underground; solo: Walk on the Wild Side, Charley's Girl; I Love You Suzanne; appeared in Paul Simon film: One Trick Pony)

1950 - Karen Carpenter
(drummer, singer: Grammy Award-winning group: The Carpenters: Best New Artist, Group w/Vocal: Close to You [1970], We've Only Just Begun, Top of the World, Please Mr. Postman)

1952 - Laraine Newman
(comedienne, actress: Saturday Night Live)

1955 - Jay Osmond
(singer: group: The Osmond Brothers)

1956 - John Cowsill
(singer: group: The Cowsills: The Rain, The Park and Other Things, We Can Fly, Hair, Indian Lake)

1962 - Jon Bon Jovi (John Bongiovi)
(singer, musician, songwriter: You Give Love a Bad Name, Living on a Prayer)

Happy Birthday to
March 17

Famous people born on March 17th:

1914 - Sammy Baugh (football: NFL Individual Record for average yards gained in a game [18.58]: Washington Redskins vs. Boston Yanks [1948]; and in career punts [45.10 yds., 1937-1952])

1917 - Nat "King" Cole (Coles)
(jazz pianist, bandleader: King Cole Trio; songwriter: Straighten Up and Fly Right; actor: St. Louis Blues; singer: Mona Lisa, Too Young, Unforgettable, Pretend, Ballerina)

1918 - Mercedes McCambridge
(Academy Award-winning actress: Best Supporting Oscar for All the King's Men , The Exorcist)

1938 - Rudolf Nureyev
(Russian ballet dancer: defected to U.S. [1961]; danced with Dame Margot Fonteyn, the Martha Graham Dance Company; was artistic director of the Paris Opera Ballet)

1944 - John Sebastian
(musician, songwriter: group: Lovin' Spoonful: Do You Believe In Magic, Summer In The City, Daydream, You Didn't Have to be So Nice, Nashville Cats; solo: Darling Be Home Soon, Welcome Back)

1949 - Patrick Duffy
(actor: Dallas, Man from Atlantis, Step-by-Step video with Suzanne Somers)

1951 - Kurt Russell
(actor: Breakdown, Escape from LA, Executive Decision, Stargate, Tombstone, Backdraft, Tango & Cash, Overboard, Barefoot Executive)

1954 - Lesley-Anne Down
(actress: Perfect Wife, Beastmaster III, Dallas, North and South)

1964 - Rob Lowe
(actor: West Wing, Austin Powers, Tommy Boy, Wayne's World, Masquerade, Bad Influence, About Last Night, St. Elmo's Fire, Class)

These songs were Chart Toppers in March:


Venus -
Frankie Avalon
Charlie Brown -
The Coasters
It's Just a Matter of Time -
Brook Benton
All American Boy -
Bill Parsons

Eight Days a Week -
The Beatles
My Girl -
The Temptations
The Birds and the Bees -
Jewel Akens
King of the Road -
Roger Miller

One Bad Apple -
The Osmonds
Me and Bobby McGee -
Janice Joplin
Proud Mary -
Ike and Tina Turner
I'd Rather Love You -
Charlie Pride

(Love is) Thicker than Water -
Andy Gibb
Night Fever -
The Bee Gees
Just the Way You Are -
Billy Joel
Mamas, Don't Let Your Babies Grow up to be Cowboys -
Waylon and Willie