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April 2001


by Twinsfan

The American past time is back! You know what that means. Another year
of dashed hopes and dreams come true. Will the Yankees win another World Series? Can anyone else win it?

The season kicked off on April 1st with a game between the Toronto Blue Jays, a Canadian team, and the Texas Rangers, an American team, in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The $129,000 per game man, Alex Rodriguez, had 1 hit and 2 errors for the losing Rangers. Now, what's wrong with that picture? I'm still waiting for someone to yell "April Fools!"

Hockey playoffs officially start later this month. A few teams are fighting for their playoff lives. The Boston Bruins and the Carolina Hurricanes are vying for the last spot in the Eastern Conference. In the Western Conference, it's the Pheonix Coyotes and the Los Angeles Kings. The Colorado Avalanche and the Detroit Red Wings are the hottest teams going in. I give the nod to Colorado.

Basketball's winding down as well, with the Boston Celtics making an incredible turnaround once they fired their coach Rick Pitino. As of this
writing, they were tied with the Indiana Pacers for the last playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. The NCAA Championship was decided and the winners are the Duke Blue Devils, with an 82-72 winner over the Arizona Wildcats. That gives Duke its 3rd National Championship. On the women's side, Notre Dame defeated the Purdue Boilermakers, 68-66. It was the fighting Irish's first women's crown.

The XFL has their "Really Big Game At The End" this month. Looks as though this might be a 1 year league. I'd be surprised if it comes back next year. The NFL has gone through their players shuffle and their draft this month. You know, that annual San Diego Chargers, Cleveland Browns, and Cincinatti Bengals contest to pick the worst people they possibly can.

Dale Jarrett has the lead in NASCAR's Winston Cup by 75 points over Jeff "Crybaby" Gordon. Rookie Kevin Harvick won his first race in only his 3rd start. He took over the car formerly driven by the late Dale Earnhardt.

That's it for this month. Until next month, good night and good sports.