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April 2001


The Soap Box

by Tarqness

I was going to talk about supermarket rudeness this month, but then I saw a commercial that pushed me over the edge. I think this topic needs to be addressed because it really is going too far. So my rant for April is on the "Women's Health Movement". No, I am not against women's health, especially being a woman myself and all. What I have a problem with is that we now feel complelled to shove our little afflictions down each other's throats.

It seems that I can't watch five minutes of television without seeing a commerical for something that promotes perimenopausal health or breast health or menstrual health. There are supplements, suppositories, applicators, pads, douches, pills, drugs, programs, systems, screenings, campaigns, etc... I thought that the "health industry" had pretty much covered it all. Then last night, a commercial for "Harmony" appears before my eyes. "Harmony" is a breakfast cereal. In fact, it's a breakfast cereal for women. No, I am not joking, although I wish I was.

I sat there watching this commercial wondering what this world has come to. The Women's Movement in general has really gotten out of hand, but now we are making a mockery of ourselves with all of these products geared toward "ladies problems". I don't know what this cereal is supposed to do for women's health that any other cereal does not, but is this really necessary? What if a man ate the cereal by accident? Would he grow breasts and get "hippy"? Why isn't there a breakfast cereal for men? Aren't we leaving them out of the health loop?

I know that menopause is a serious time in a woman's life. I am pleased that, in recent years, we have made strides in assuring that menopause
doesn't have to be a horrid event. That's wonderful. But do we need to make a mockery of ourselves with things like the commercial for "RemiFemin"? Have you all seen this? We are pummeled with women of various age, leading "healthy and fulfilling" lifestyles, which I guess means that they play tennis, walk dogs and ride horses a lot. These women stop in the middle of what they are doing to declare to the conveniently passing camera that "I'm a RemiFeminist!!". Well, good for you, sister.

It's not that I am sorry that there is awareness in regard to breast cancer, menopause, PMS, PMDD (which I still think is a fancy version of PMS), yeast infections, menstruation and whatnot. I am pleased that these topics aren't taboo any longer. It's time we were realistic. But there is a not-so-fine line between reality and bombardment.

Excuse my while I eat my special cereal, apply my special creams and go take my extra special vitamins.