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April 2001


by Mary Xmas

Dammit Jim, I'm a doctor, not a humanitarian: The television show "Dr. Laura," which debuted in September, taped its final episode the week of March 26th (but could continue to air through the fall). Laura Schlessinger's TV talk show, criticized by homosexual rights groups and snubbed by advertisers and viewers, was canceled after just one season. Poor ratings had prompted stations in major television markets including New York, Los Angeles and Chicago to move the syndicated "Dr. Laura" from daytime to the middle of the night. "I believe it could have earned a substantial audience in time, but the television advertiser boycott precluded that," Schlessinger said in a statement. Paramount advertisement had defended the show as part of a free exchange of ideas in which "hurt, hate and intolerance" had no place. The Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation, a vocal Schlessinger critic since she labeled homosexuality "deviant" and "a biological error" several years ago, lauded the show's demise. "Paramount from the beginning said 'Let the people decide.' Viewers and advertisers alike have decided, and they decided to reject 'Dr. Laura's' message of intolerance," said GLAAD executive director Joan M. Garry. "We hope that as a function of this media outlets will think twice before giving a platform to somebody who is provocative at our expense," Garry said from New York. I say, good riddence. I can't believe a woman like this councils people. If she has a web site, I am not directing you to it!

Ding dong, the witch is dead! If you missed "Survivor: The Australian Outback" on Thursday, March 28th, you missed the best episode (#9 of the series). Voted off: Jerri Manthey, the Los Angeles-based actress, and the scheming looker everyone loves to hate. Thank you for being a HOT little liar Colby! Visit
because the tribe has spoken!

Look at the birdie and say cheese! Russell Crowe has Princeton University students up in arms after making an obscene gesture with just one finger. Crowe stuck out his middle finger at a 21-year-old Princeton student who snapped his picture on campus as he prepared to shoot a movie scene. Crowe wouldn't confirm to a television news crew that he made the gesture to student Meredith Moroney, who took the shot from her friend's dorm room. "Well, you know whatever is printed in the newspaper is absolutely true," the actor said sarcastically. Well isn't it??????

Big Brother is still watching: CBS is looking for contestants to take part this summer in the second season of its reality television show, in which a group of strangers are confined to a house, surrounded by cameras and microphones. But this season of "Big Brother" will be different for a couple of reasons -- instead of viewers deciding who leaves each week, the housemates will vote each other out, similar to the elimination process on CBS' reality TV juggernaut, "Survivor." When three players are left, the audience will choose which one walks out with the grand prize. To apply through the Internet, visit Applications are due April 20, and must include a two-minute videotape and two color photographs.