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April 2001

Aloha HOTties!

Welcome to Springtime. Let's all take a break from that big yearly housecleaning to read our April edition. I suppose I don't have to twist your arm very hard, huh?

Naturally the change in the weather will bring about changes in our wardrobes. This leads Bunny and Coug to debate the question
"Should uniforms be mandatory in public schools?" It also leads Gabby to the realization her shoes are ugly and she needs to buy more.

Besides cleaning out our closets, Spring also means training time for Major League Baseball. And so in this month's
Jock Talk, Fine Diner brings to you his predictions for the 2001 season.

And now that we are done with our chores, it's time to leave on Spring Break for a much needed vacation. We'll go
Globetrotting to Easter Island to join the egg hunt. April Fools! We are really going to look at the giant carved statues that no one can decide from whence they came. Who cares, they are cool!

Aloha HOTties!

Mary Xmas
Editor In Chief

This month in HOTP:


Meet Ms. April and enter this month's contest. Check out last month's winner in
At The Movies


Useful and whacko
sites on the net:

D*Thrill Lady
Jibbles 'N' Bits

April Birthdays
* Fit for Summer
* Uniforms In Schools?
* Women's Rx movement
* Shoestring Dinners


Are there bunnies on Easter Island?


What's HOT!

Leash train your kitty

* The Golden Compass
* The tribe has spoken
* Downey the drain
* Sports wrap-up

Jock Talk presents baseball predictions



Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:

If our Rumor Mill could sell a story to the National Enquirer, which would you like to read about?

"Chinchilla Does it on a Dare"
That's the headline 44% of you want to see in the National Enquirer. The rest of you are waiting for the following:
39% HllBllyFvr appears on Jerry Springer
11% Misterbubble Pops!
6% AngelaS is really the Queen Mum

Thanks to everyone who voted! Don't forget to vote in this month's quizlet immediately below.

April bridal showers bring Mayflowers. Does that mean only Pilgrims can attend?

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It seems there has been a flurry of actitivy this past month. Let's see what my tipsters have told me....

Abbenormal was named President of Team Tepid
KA8DSO sneezed on the second Tuesday
Larue was spotted eating a quart of ice cream
da moj wears boxer shorts
Phylicity phakes it

Hows that for news?

and btw......


Download of the Month

StockVue 2001

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