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April 2001


by Bunella

Sometimes I think there are too many people in the media who want to "help us". Are we broken? Do we need to be fixed? And can these people "fix us"? Why are they making so much money telling us what to do? I love Oprah but besides the fact that she's a celebrity and very wealthy now, what gives her the authority to tell me about my life? A friend of mine swears by every celebrity doctor and guru who has been on Oprah and has even sent most of her female friends (including myself) subscriptions to Oprah magazine. I can't even read it because it is filled with so many perfume ads, I find myself sneezing before I even get it back into the house from the mailbox. (By the way, it's almost a repeat of what is said on the show with some pictures added.)

Why does everyone all of a sudden need therapy? Doesn't everyone you know have problems? Yes, of one sort or another. Does everyone you know go to therapy? Not hardly. At least not most of the people I know. When did we get to be a society of help seekers? I don't understand why we can't figure things out for ourselves. I could see our forefathers, or foremothers really, stopping their daily chores to visit Ye Olde Counselor Shoppe for advice because their spouse was too tired to make love after a long day of plowing the fields.

I'm really tired of being told what to do with my relationship to be happier or what to do with my money to be richer. It's too late! I'm already happy for the most part and when I'm not, I take it out on my husband and before long, I'm happy again. And, I'll never be rich unless of course the New York Lottery ticket I buy when the amount goes up happens to be the 6 numbers I choose. Yeah right and I'm gonna lose 30 lbs by April 1st.

Oh...and why do I have to be thin to be happy? I hate to tell these people, but by their standards I have never been thin and probably never will be. But guess what? It doesn't matter. We now know what we didn't know 30 years ago. It's just fine to be who or what you are. I'm also loud, obnoxious and I have a New Yawk accent that some find irritating ... hahahaha and boy do I love to talk louder and more nasal just to upset them.

Far be it from me to tell other people how to run their lives (unless of course they ask, but that's another HOTP column). So watch all the TV smarties you want, read all the magazines and self help books you want and then just be yourself and let people like you or not. You'll get less stomach pains and headaches, and believe me and you'll have more fun, too.


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MS. APRIL: Bunella

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