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September 2001


Madonna Is HOT

Madonna Drowned World Tour

You've heard all the hype, and seen all the tkt scalpings on EBay, but only a few hundred thousand of her closest friends will actually get the opportunity to see Madonna live in concert this time around. I had previously seen her in "The Girlie Show", which was kind of disappointing, and I got tkts to this concert with some apprehension. My fears mounted when a friend who had seen the concert in HOTlanta warned me that the Material Girl doesn't sing very many songs that aren't from her last two albums.

Someone asked me the day before the concert if I was excited about going, and I told her that I wasn't. In fact I wasn't excited at all until about 5 minutes before the show started. Then I suddenly realized "in a few minutes, I'm going to be seeing MADONNA". When she came out, the Palace of Auburn Hills exploded with cheers and applause. She started with "Drowned World (Substitute For Love)", from the "Ray of Light" album, this was followed by "Impressive Instant" from her current album, then "Candy Perfume Girl" where she paid homage to Courtney Love. Next she went into a double feature packed with HEAT "Beautiful Stranger" and "Ray of Light", before leaving the stage for her first costume change.

This next segment was, for me, the worst part of the show, and even it wasn't too bad. There was a whole odd Japanese theme to it, and she sang "Frozen" and "Nobody's Perfect", among other songs. Then came the HOT cowboy-themed set, where she sang "Don't Tell Me", "Secret", and "Human Nature" among other songs. She was supposed to sing "You'll See" in this set too, but for some reason was skipped at the show I went to.

Then came the final set, which included "What It Feels Like For a Girl" performed in Spanish (for whatever reason), "La Isla Bonita", "Holiday" and ended with "Music" which featured a HOTter than HOT montage of clips of ALL her videos shown in rapid order on the giant video screen.

Overall, this concert was SO much better than I had expected, and at LEAST 10 times better than "The Girlie Show". The crowd was more into it, I was on the floor and didn't sit down once. The people in the regular seats weren't sitting down either, and at "The Girlie Show", I was in regular seats and we were sitting down more than half the time. The other thing I noticed was that Madonna herself was actually having a great time performing. At "The Girlie Show" it was like she was doing a job, but here she was actually having fun. Maybe her kids and marriage have really helped her outlook on life, and helped her enjoy her work more. Hopefully if you like Madonna you'll be able to catch her on tour, if not this time around, then next time she tours.

From the Home Office in Toledo, OH, we now present tonight's Top 10 list

The Top 10 Madonna Songs of All Time (in tkt's humble opinion)

10. Open Your Heart
9. Angel
8. Vogue
7. Hanky Panky
6. Don't Cry For Me Argentina
5. Live To Tell
4. Beautiful Stranger
3. Ray of Light
2. Justify My Love
1. Like a Prayer