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September 2001


Big Brother is Watching . . . Are You?

Coug Sez:

This crap should have ended with the first installment of Survivor. Ever since then, reality TV has taken a turn for the worse. Luckily for us, I don't think it can get much worse than Big Brother 2.

At least with the first Big Brother, none of the houseguests had any idea about how to play the game, or for that matter that they were even playing a game. They mostly just sat around in silence waiting for Julie Chen to kick one of them out. Of course the first one DID have Jamie Kern, at the time the reigning Miss Washington, and celebrated alumni of Washington State University. What's their mascot again? Oh, yeah.....the Cougar!!! {s fightsong}

Big Brother 2 contestants hit the ground running with alliances and double secret alliances and nekkid whipped cream hot tub alliances. Why? Because everyone in this group got to watch Richard Hatch work his little magic on the island, so they all boned up (no pun intended) on their nude motivational speaking techniques, figuring that was the only way to go. All except Bunky, who would have fit right in on Big Brother 1.

CBS didn't even have the decency to mix things up this time. There's not a houseguest on Big Brother 2 that isn't a stem cell clone of someone from the first show. Will Mega? Meet Will the doctor. Cassandra? Meet Monica. Chicken George? Hmmmmm.....Kent, maybe? Josh? Hardy's long lost brother. And if Jordan and Shannon didn't share a dysfunctional bedroom growing up, may all of Mocha's fur fall out!

By switching the format and making the houseguests vote each other out of the house, a la Survivor's Tribal Council, the show has become nothing more than "who gets stabbed in the back tonight"? The next thing you know, O.J. Simpson will be replacing Julie Chen.

If I wanted to see a bunch of people huddled in a corner talking sh*t about the people around them, I'd organize another P* Bash. <g>

salutes this month's featured writers:

Mr. & Mrs. September: NoDumbBunny & Cougarboy

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