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September 2001


The Soap Box

by Gabby

Press vs. Prez

No one was more anti-Bush than I was during this last election. No one! And I'm a Republican. I think Bush is a bum with no qualifications for being the ruler of the free world. Mostly because he doesn't stand for freedom at all, as in freedom of choice. But also because he's an idiot. He gives us a tax refund and then has to borrow from Social Security to make ends meet. But I digress.

So, having made it quite clear that I am not a Bush supporter, let me say that I'm extremely proud of our president and how he's handled himself this week. I hope he continues to make me proud, but I'm a die-hard skeptic, so let's wait a little longer before we start throwing roses at his feet. I'm proud of him so far, and let's leave it at that.

What I'm not proud of is our press. Not all the press, mind you, just some of them. The ones who looked for anything they could to criticize the president this week. Like why didn't he go straight back to Washington after terrorists hit the World Trade Center and the Pentagon. Gee, I dunno. Maybe because Washington was under attack? Could it be that the president was privvy to information the press didn't have? Like possibly that the White House or Air Force One was a target?

Then there's the one about what kind of message are we sending when the Vice President was ordered to go to Camp David? Sure, a much better idea would be to keep the two most powerful leaders in the United States together. This way the terrorists aren't inconvenienced too much trying to track them down.

Oh's my favorite one of all, asked to Senator Hillary Clinton: Are you upset the president took four days to visit New York? Good lord, even Hillary looked at the reporter like he was a moron, and graciously answered that considering the circumstances, she was happy the president had made it to New York as quickly as he did.

What is wrong with the press? At a time when people are putting aside their differences and coming together, regardless of race, color, religion and, yes, even party, the press is trying to place everything the president does under a black light. I think I'll end this by quoting last month's Soap Box writer, who put it better than I ever could: "I think people just don't have anything to complain about, so they find things to worry about. Lighten up people! Go worry about people cutting the 'Under Penalty Of Law, Do Not Remove' tags from pillows or something." And leave the president alone!