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November 2000

The leaves have changed colors, the days are colder, and the holiday
season is upon us. Welcome to November.

There are many myths surrounding Thanksgiving. The True Thanksgiving Story
offers some answers about where and when the first Thanksgiving was celebrated.
Read all about it on
Gem's Gems, this month's feature.

Are you trying to take the "purrfect" picture of your pet to place on your
Christmas cards?
The Whisker Watch has some great tips to help you take better

It's just too cold to go outside. Are you ready to curl up by the fire with a
good book but need some suggestions about what to read? This month Finzz joins
us with
Book Beat. Watch out Oprah!

Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:
Which Halloween costume best describes your personality?
38% of you have a little witch in you!
29% animals
17% princess
8% ghosts
8% zombie
Don't forget to vote in this month's quizlet immediately below.

See you next month, and remember -- stuff the turkey, not yourself!
Gobble Gobble!

In this issue:

Pets: The Whisker Watch takes purr-fect pictures

Books: Motherless Brooklyn is the Book Club choice on Book Beat

Fashion: Get ready for the holidays in Out Of The Closet

Point / Counterpoint: Mail - Bunny Sez, Coug Sez - Mall

Things To Do: The weirder the better in DThrillLady

Commentary: Motorists beware of The Soap Box

HOT web sites: Gem's Gems celebrates Thanksgiving traditionally

Travel: Globetrotting takes you back in time to Plymouth Rock

It's the final frontier for
Vital Social Issues & Stuff

For Rent: What's For Rent? Dennis Quaid in Frequency

Birthdays: Suzie's StarStruck Birthdays supports your Scorpio friends

Trivia: Check out last month's contest winner in Jibbles 'N' Bits Of Trivia

The Presidential Election is finally over on Nov 7th. Plan to take your mud-wader boots off then. I wouldn't do it before.

The Great American Smokeout
November 16, 2000

The American Cancer Society organized the first Great American smokeout in 1977. The purpose was to encourage smokers to quit for one day to prove that they could do it. Each year, more Americans try to quit smoking on the day of the Great American Smokeout than any other day of the year - including New Year's Day.

The Great American Smokeout takes place each year on the third Thursday of November (the 16th this year). Millions of Americans will stub out their cigarettes on that day. So if you smoke, please join them.

For more information about the Great American Smokeout or for tips on how to quit smoking, please contact:
The American Cancer Society

or visit their website at

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Oh my goodness, looks who's got one in the oven. Tarqness has announced that she is expecting a little bundle of joy in May, somewhere between her birthday and her first year wedding anniversay. Congratulations Kim and Darryl.

Gee the stork is a little busy right now. DT Lady has also announced a visit. No, no no! She is going to be a <gasp> grandmother. Her daughter-in-law is pregnant with her first child. Boy or girl? Stay tuned!

Here's an update on my engagement. No date has been set yet. Don't worry you didn't miss getting an invitation, I haven't sent any. Just looking through all those catalogs and trying to pick the style, and color, and blah blah..... I could just scream. Maybe we should elope.

Mary Xmas
Editor In Chief

Download of the Month

You know how frustrating it is when you need to convert inches into rods, and you've forgotten the conversion rate? Your troubles are over, because this free program can do all the conversion for you. It already supports over 600 units, so they probably have all the ones you need. If you come across a unit that isn't supported, just check their website. They constantly update it with brand new measurements for you to download.