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November 2000


Rated: PG-13

CAST: Dennis Quaid, James Caviezel, Elizabeth Mitchell, André Braugher

DIRECTOR: Gregory Hoblit


Frank Sullivan (Dennis Quaid) is your regular all-American hero-firefighter, passionate lover, responsible father, and baseball fanatic. Thirty years after his accidental death in a warehouse fire, his son John (James Caviezel) discovers an old ham radio, and manages to communicate with his father from 30 years ago, thanks to a coincidental solar storm known as the aurora borealis. Things start to get intense when they start attempting to change the course of history.


From inside the ranks of New Line Cinema's own executives, Toby Emmerich designed a script that is both smart and enjoyable. What really makes the film work is that it doesn't attempt to establish itself as an all-out sci-fi production, complete with complicated theories and cool gadgets. Rather, it focuses on the relationship of the father and son, the discovery of the communication device, and the drama that ensues from their actions. Dennis Quaid gets special mention for turning in a strong performance as the puzzled father trying to help his son rewrite events in their lives. The story has minor loopholes, but the nostalgic tie-ins, like the setting during the amazing Mets' World Series victory in October 1969, makes this movie a definite home run with the audience.


Hollywood's latest time travel sci-fi offering ties in distinctive American favorites--stories about fathers and son; cops, firemen, and baseball; making it a sure crowd-pleaser.

Daryll Woon -
American Dreamer