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November 2000


by Mary Xmas

You get a big delite in every bite...
Remember the superhero comic books of the 1970's? Product placement and crime fighting went hand in hand. Hostess Fruit Pies and Twinkies were used to help our Superfriends fight crimes. No wonder there was a huge fitness craze in the 80's.
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Bye, Bye, Bye... The Sumner County Sheriff's Office in Tennessee have confirmed that a 17 year old boy, is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation after a plan detailing a plot to kill the members of 'N Sync was found in his possession. The plan came to light when his mother noticed some changes in her son's behavior and found a folder in his room labeled 'Operation Death Strike.' The folder contained a checklist for his plan to harm the group when they performed in Atlanta on Oct. 21. Once the plot was discovered, the mother immediately contacted local authorities, who met with her and her son. I just have one question, would Brittney Spears have been there??
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Mirror, mirror on the wall... Do you think you are the best looking person in your family, but people seem to confuse you with your dog Fido?
Does this leave you wondering if you are really good looking or not?
Well have I got the answer for you. Put your picture on the internet and have thousands of anonymous people rank you on a scale of 1 to 10. Go ahead. You'll get an honest answer from people who don't know you, or don't even care to know you.
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The final frontier... Star Trek Voyager has started it's final season. Since 1987 there has been a Star Trek series in current production. What are we going to do in May when the last show of the last series airs? Maybe I can sell my Spock ears on Ebay. But I am NOT parting with this phaser!
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