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November 2000


I had so much fun last month finding strange web sites I thought
I would do it again this month.

First, the weird...
This is one contest I DON’T wanna win..Check it out - vote for the best???

Not sure if the new love in your life is an idiot? Have them take this test:

During my service in the United States Congress, I took the initiative in creating the Internet.
- Al Gore

Rarely is the question asked:
Is our children learning?
- George W. Bush

Now the weirder...

This one explains why there are so many vegetarians in the world. *NOTE* this is probably not a site to let the youngsters see <eg>



Finally, here’s 2 sites that are interactive and fun for all ages...

This site is fun for the child in all of us. Do you have a child that wants a puppy but you don’t think they are ready to take care of it? Why not get them a ‘CyberPuppy’ This site lets you name your puppy, and to be responsible for taking care of him/her. You are responsible to fed, play, exercise, and clean up after your puppy.

Have you checked out Rosie O’Donnell’s site lately? She has added a really fun Penny Arcade where you can play games like ‘Skeeball’, ‘Dunk-a-Matic’, ‘BalloonPop’, and ‘Whack-a-Snack’. Just like in the arcades you receive points that you can redeem for prizes. Unlike most sites where you need a zillion points to get anything, this site lets you get prizes starting with 1 point.
AOL keyword: Rosie