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August 2001

Welcome to HOT August nights at HOT Off The Press. This month I thought I'd answer a few Letters To The Editor:

Dear Editor:
How did you choose the URL for HOTP?
Signed, Computer Geek-oid

Dear Geek:
That's simple. Our server is in Tonga, hence the .to in the web address. When you have a housecat as the President and CEO of your company, you don't choose a web server in the USA. The IRS can find you more easily.
Mary Xmas
Editor On The Run
Dear Editor:
You have a really great group of writers. Keep up the excellent work!
Signed, Too Nice

Dear Nicey:
Thanks, we really do have a great crew. But, with a cougar, 2 bunnys, a dragyn, 2 cats, and a gecko to manage, it really can be a virtual zoo around here.
Mary Xmas
Dear Editor:
Stop thinking of ways to mention your cat. If you keep mentioning that pussy of yours, I am going to stomp my little feet!
Signed, Gabby

Dear Gabby:
ROFL! Don't do that! You'll scuff the bottom of your new green pumps. <gasp!>
Mary Xmas
Couturier to the Masses

Last month's quizlet results are in! The question was:

Why haven't you called Miss Cleo yet for your free reading?
45% would rather spend money on shoes
23% have NFI who Miss Cleo is
18% don't believe in psychics
14% already have a good, psychic!

You need a Java enable browser to see the 7am daily poll

SpongeBob SquarePants is HOT
Rugrats is NOT

Baseball is HOT
More coverage for NFL training camp than regular season baseball games is NOT

Celebrities who "come out" with no fear of what it will do to their careers are HOT
Tom Cruise "dating" Penelope Cruz is NOT

Scooby Doo guest starring Mama Cass, Sonny and Cher, Phyllis Diller, and Batman and Robin is HOT
Scooby Doo guest starring the Harlem Globetrotters, Three Stooges, Don Knotts (stiff), and Laurel and Hardy is NOT

McRib (minus the onions) is HOT
McBratwurst (with no McKraut in sight) is NOT


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