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August 2001


Tired of Ebay? Want to experience a different type of auction site? Then go check out Bargain and Haggle. This is their claim....

"At Bargain and Haggle we bring sellers and buyers together without last minute "bidding wars" and drawn out procedures that plague the online auction site. is anything but typical. We're like a giant online market filled with only the best items. We work on a "first come, first serve" basis just like a real, live sale. While negotiating, you have the choice to offer the seller his asking price, or offer what you feel is fair. The seller can accept, stand firm, or meet somewhere in between. If the deal dissatisfies either party either the buyer or the seller can walk away, and the next person in line can start negotiating. It's that easy!

Bargain and Haggle bridges the gap between existing fixed price and auction models.

Ever want to go to Antarctica? Check out the Panama Canal? See what it's like where your on-line friends live? Then this site is for you: Tommy's List of Live Cams Worldwide. He has a great list of just about every major city and country. Heck, it's even got HoHo's Napa Valley! A note to Tarq: sorry Hon, for reasons known to us all, Yamhill does not have a Web Cam. Bahahahhahaha :)

26E4U...2PCME...3MTA3...EM KNAPS. Like playing the license plate game? Looking for some ideas for your new ride? Then check out this site. There are some great ones, and some groaners. I should know -- working as a drive test lady for the DMV, I thought I
had seen it all!